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Yesterday's Conversation on YouTube between Aran Jones and Gwyneth Angharad


I have been a bit of a fan of Gwyneth Angharad ever since she taught me how to pronouncethe name of the village with the almost unpronounceable name near a science park whose staff and tenants I visit from time to time. I was also impressed by her Japanese which is much better than mine though I regret to say that my Japanese which I picked up in weekly evening classes over 40 years is still streets ahead of my Welsh. And of course, like everyone, I am a subscriber to “Say Something in Welsh”.

I was therefore intrigued to hear a live conversation between them on YouTube. A recording of the conversation appears to be available at I can’t say I followed the conversation exactly and I lost the thread at times but I did get the gist of some passages and could make an educated guess of the meaning of other bits from the bits of vocabulary that I did know. They both spoke clearly at a measured pace and I think that helped.

I have been more than rewarded for my efforts by encountering content that I never knew existed. These include a 3-foot high orangutan puppet talk show host who seems to make a monkey of his guests, a restaurant critic who begins all his reviews with profanity in English and of course lots of music

Returning to Gwynneth, some of her videos such as “What to say in a Pub” are hilarious, well worth watching even if for people who do not intend to learn Welsh.


I love Gareth! His more recent profiad gwaith (work experience) videos are great.


I love the one where Gareth the Orangutan works in a chip shop, especially when the lady in charge asks him whether he has washed his hands. I think I would be tempted to tousle his fur.

He is so believable. Especially when he is in the stadium and imagines the crowd chanting “Gareth”, “Gareth”, “Gareth” …


As well as trying to complete the SSIW challenges, I have a weekly one hour lesson with Gwyneth and really like her personality.