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Yikes, it's an update! Aran's still alive! 10th birthday party - waiting list


We’re juggling numbers now, and waiting for confirmation from some special guests - but there is a small chance that we will have a handful of spare tickets.

If we do, we’ll either be offering them to people who’ve made valuable contributions to the SSiW community before, or to people who’ve posted in this thread (in the order of posting)… :slight_smile:

[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party
[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party
[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party

please put me on the waiting list :slight_smile:


If any cancellations I’m interested in coming from France - didn’t get myself organized in time to get a ticket but I’d love to meet the other 6mw people in person

[SOLD OUT] SSiW's BIG 10th Birthday Party

Hi there Aran,
Put me down for a space if possible - I was there at the launch in the Senedd.
Things going well at Saith Seren - be good to catch up.
Steve Kynaston


Oh, Steve - it’d be great to see you there! We’ve got a meeting on Thursday which should help us see what we’ve got in terms of wriggle room… :crossed_fingers: :slight_smile:


Hi Aran,
I am still interested in going if there is enough space.
I did mention this in the other “Sold out” party thread but am stating my intention here too!


Please put me on the list I would love to go to the party


I am not 100% sure I can arrange things at work, but it’s looking hopeful, so I am tentatively raising my hand to be number 6 on the waiting list. (Let’s hope it’s a big handful of spare tickets :wink: )
I’d also make a week of it with the following bootcamp.


Please put me on the waiting list for a ticket!


I am utterly confused about “Glastoncymru”… is there anything I should have taken in these last three months?


Um… not sure… apart from it being a Friday to Sunday event? :slight_smile:

More details soon, I promise. A big week to get out of the way this week, and then next week I’ll put some real effort in… :slight_smile:


Please put me on the waiting list - I’d love to come. I tried to book just now as it was showing 1 space available, but it’s now saying fully booked before I could complete the booking. Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Hi Aran and everyone. If possible, could I be added to the waiting list too, please? I know its very late but if an opportunity does arise then I would love to join the celebrations. Diolch :slightly_smiling_face:


Latest here - we’re pretty clear on the guest list and the room for waiting list people, so I’ll be doing two things next week (once I get back from a flying trip to Cardiff) - a) pinging everyone who’s already booked for the final payment, and b) letting waiting listers know if there’s a space for them - we won’t be able to fit everyone in, but we are doing our best… :slight_smile:


Www diolch yn fawr Aran! Hwyl fawr, Mari

10 birthday party-goers: any requests for Meinir?

Hi Aran. Can you put me down as last reserve please? Just in case you get any last minute cancellations.

I don’t want to take anyone’s place - so will be more than happy to stay in reserve right up to the date. No probs at all if the opportunity doesn’t arise.


Ladies and gentlemen!

So sorry for the unconscionable delay. I have been slightly snowed under battling various tax-type monsters - it’s been a roller-coaster start to the year!

But now, just before deciding to panic instead of to organise, I’ve got my act in gear… :slight_smile:

There are 11 spare places.

I’ve messaged the people who’ve posted in this thread - I’m going to give them until next week before opening it up further (only fair, after I’ve been so slack!)…

But in the meantime, if anyone else would like a place, post in here, and I’ll send access details as and when they open up in the next couple of days… :slight_smile:

And then… next week… I’ll actually get around to asking everyone for the balance!! :smiley:


Ooh are we too late? Helen and I would like to come (assuming Helen survives her first bwtcamp next week! :joy:)


No, you’re just in time! We’ve got 3 places left… I’ll send you the link… :slight_smile:


Book! Book now!