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Yoga in Welsh in Pembrokeshire?


Does anyone happen to know any Welsh-speaking yoga teachers in Pembrokeshire - based near Milford Haven/Pembroke ideally, or further afield (but not too far!) ?


I’ve sent a message to a Welsh speaking yoga teacher here in in Sir Gar. If/when she replies I’ll pass on the details.


Thanks Margaret. Whereabouts in Sir Gar? It may be a bit too far away (ideally looking for someone within an hour’s drive of Angle), but any options are better than none!


Pretty sure she lives in Pontyberem. She certainly used to.


That’s not too bad, 1hr 20min ish. Thanks Margaret. We’ll see if anyone comes up with anyone closer - I think there may be someone in Narberth but I need to go through the Council and I doubt I’ll get anyone on a weekend!


Don’t know if this will help Siaron… :slight_smile:


Worth a look, thanks Cetra. Always worth having as many options as possible in the hope that one is available at the right time!