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Sounds like a good meeting. Hoping to be there next time


Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday. It’s time we had some more fun with Welsh. And we do seem to be using more Welsh each time we meet.

Could you give some consideration to the design of a badge that would make us all identifiable and we can then have a discussion about it, please? (We may need to to that bit in English.)

Yes, we’ll have some fun on Saturday!



Hi Raymond,

That sounds like a bit of a hoot - unfortunately I can’t be there on Saturday. I have been a bit unlucky with diary clashes recently- I was also hoping to get to the singing in Huddersfield two weekends ago too but couldn’t do that either - ah well.

At least this weekend i’ll be in Caerdydd and will hopefully (definitely) get some Welsh in there somewhere!

Emma, I will have to buy you the peint o gwrw I owe you y tro nesa! ( Anywhere good to visit in Llanelli - there is a possibility of a jaunt there? )

Let me know if there are other events coming up before the next meeting that anyone is planning to go to.




See you Saturday. Looking forward to it.


Just been station to collect tickets and my usual train has been cancelled. Coming different way so may be late😒


Well, that game got everyone using Welsh! Maybe we could do it again sometime?

Six regulars there and one person for the first time; it was nice to meet Heinke and difficult to keep up to her standard of Welsh. It will do us good to try.

The rearrangement of the trains messed us about but should have settled down by the time we meet again.

I found that one of our most enjoyable as well as most productive meetings.



Sounds great - and interesting! I’ll look forward to the next meeting!


Ah! But it will be different next time. And any one of us could bring the activity . As long as it uses lots of Welsh. Once it is a part of playing the game it seems to get over people’s reticence. We’ll just have to see how it goes on the day.


Hi all
Apologies for Saturday. Trains striking again which affects the one I come on. Was a pain last month so decided not to travel


Never mind, see you in July then (if they have sorted out our trains by then). We’ll miss you tomorrow but we need the practice and will have to play without you. :wink:


Sut mae pawb. Cyfarfod wych heddiw a llawer o Gymraeg.
Gobeithio mwy tro nesa hefyd.
Fydd rhywun yn mynd i’r gig Nos Sadwrn nes sy’n wedi cael ei hysbysebu ar y facebook Cymdeithas Cymraeg Leeds? Bydd tri grwpiau yn canu o Gymru. Mae hi yn Hyde Park Book Club ger Headingley.
Anyone going to the welsh bands gig in Headingley next Saturday?
Alla i ddim dod i cyfarfod nesa, achos dwi yn mynd i Eryri ac hefyd yn Awst achos dwi’n yn Ceredigion. Welai chi gyd yn Medi.


Helo Emma,

… post gwych - diolch yn fawr Emma. Bydda i i’r gig - ydych chi’n gwybod beth amser bydd hi’n dechrau? Dw i’n gallu gweld popeth arlein - heblaw yr amser. Bydd fy ngwraig hefyd yn dod (Liz) - os nad yw hi yn yr unig berson nad yw’n siarad Cymraeg!

Anyone else going? My wife, Liz, will go if she isn’t the only person who isn’t speaking Welsh?!



Doors open at 7.30. I’ve bought my tickets! :slight_smile:


To encourage the use of spoken Welsh can we bear in mind the general plan of our meetings? It’s not rigid; it’s an outline and is flexible but it has worked for a long time now.
11:30 to 12:30 - meet, food, chatter.
12:30 to 13:00 - Chance for everyone to speak for a few minutes in turn. You can prepare notes if you wish.
13:00 to 14:00 - Activity/game.
14:00 to 14:30 - Dim Saesneg. This allows everyone to ask and answer questions.
If you are not yet able to say it all in Welsh then say as much as you can in Welsh and fill in any gaps with an English word or two. It is a bit on the scary side for many of us so don’t worry about it, just do what you can.
We can extend this time beyond the 30 minutes if the need arises.

See you on Saturday 28th, Raymond


Sorry won’t be there, family over from Ireland. Enjoy the meeting. Ruth


Bore da Raymond,

Mae hynny yn swnio’n dda. Dw i’n edrych ymlaen ato.

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi Raymond and Pat,

It was a fantastic meeting on Saturday!!!

That must be a new record for ‘percentage Welsh spoken’ - certainly since I have been attending - it might be tough to beat! ( But we should try!)

The games were really good - I feel like I know my way around Liverpool city centre now (although asking for directions to Birkenhead was a bit out of order - until we noticed the ferry terminal, ha, ha). Eileen’s game was really good too - it was really good practice!

(Great job)

Rich :slight_smile:


Sorry I missed that as I will be in Liverpool centre for 2 days this week. !



Actually, I chose that map because it was good for the exercise of directing people about; it certainly wasn’t the best for a visitor to use to find their way! But I knew my way before they altered the roads!
I’m thinking of going back to see some of the family the week after next.


Think I know my way around as well Raymond. However directing someone in Welsh I think would be beyond my capabilities.