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So sorry I couldn’t be there as I really need the constant practice. Don’t think I can make July either. Family over here for their annual holiday.


The July meeting was rather sparse but that meant that we had the (almost) undivided attention of Eileen. Wonderful!

For August 27 I have a little bingo-type game that uses farm animals instead of numbers and only requires the ability to speak and understand spoken Welsh. I’d like to try it out, please.

Something else I would like to try is one of Aesop’s fables in pictures so that we can tell the story in Welsh. Let’s see how we cope with that, too.



Hope to be there.


Oh dear. Geraint told me today that he went to the July meeting but there was no-one there. Perhaps he got there early and didn’t wait long enough? I am not sure what to tell him about the August meeting, as I can’t be there again. I think that I will suggest to him that he waits until September. I will definitely be there then.


We didn’t get there until about 12:15 because someone had jumped in front of the train just as it went into the tunnel under the Pennines. When we arrived there was a booking for the upstairs room but Eileen was waiting for us at a table close to the bottom of the stairs so that she could see people arriving.

Please tell Geraint that I’m sorry we missed him and that we fully intend to be there on 27th and look forward to seeing him then. He has my mobile number if he encounters any problem.



If you wish to look up suitable vocabulary or rehearse some things to say then Saturday’s game involves farm animals. Also, you could look up words for the story which is that of Little Red Riding Hood. Eyes, ears and teeth spring to mind. All the better to see, hear and eat you with at the next meeting! (All in Welsh, of course.)


Sounds good. See you there.


And the story for Saturday is The Three Little pigs. So if you don’t know how to say straw, build, wolf, boil, etc you can look them up if you want to. However, the story is written to use lots of words that have arisen in SSiW such as leicio, gweled, mam, dyn, mynd, drws, ffenest, adref, etc. Now what we need is that if you don’t know a word you want you can ask for it in Welsh! (or point to it in the picture and look blank)


Wela I chi yno.


Well, the story of Y Tri Mochyn Bach seemed to work better and certainly required us to engage brain in Welsh for some considerable time. So we’ll try the same idea again next month and see how we get on.
I already have the pictures for Goldilocks and many of the words you will need have been used in SSiW lessons such as house, door, stairs, chair, bed. eat, run, hot, cold, sit, sleep, run, etc. But now you have a month in which to look up the words you will need that aren’t in your existing vocabulary such as bear, porridge, lumpy, soft, etc. It should be better still as there is so much more straightforward stuff to include!


I hope it goes well, Raymond. Y Tri Mochyn Bach was good and worked at different levels. I’m afraid I can’t go to the next meeting (26 November) but I shall try and encourage Geraint to go.


Elen Benfelen is now complete and laminated so that it is ready if I get the opportunity to swap my cartilage-free hip joint for a nice, shiny, new, metal one before the next meeting. I was able to include many more things to say because there is more familiar stuff than in the last story (bowls, chairs, beds, rooms, stairs, etc). And amongst all that there are lots of straightforward items (colours, numbers, size, etc). Should be (dim Saesneg) fun!


Sound interesting. Don’t know anything about ‘Elen Benfelen’


I think you probably will. We know her as Goldilocks rather than ‘yellow head’.


Hi sorry I have had to change plans and unfortunately can’t make Sat 26th November.


Well, there were just four of us yesterday which was great for the two of us who aren’t fluent as we had the attention of two who were!
Eileen had brought some things appropriate for the season (ie Christmassy) which worked well. I have given her the Elen Benfelen story so that you can all have a go at it in January (No, you cannot escape doing it!)
Nadolig llawen pawb.



The Leeds meet-up dates for 2017 are:
28 January
25 February
25 March
22 April (5 Saturdays this month)
27 May
24 June
22 July (5 Saturdays this month)
26 August
23 September (5 Saturdays this month)
28 October
25 November
[23 December] (5 Saturdays this month)
Could you let me know if you would be interested in the December date or if we should omit it, please?

I may be able to come along in January but it seems unlikely. If I do I’ll take a back seat as Eileen has offered to organise that one.



Hi Raymond. Thanks for dates. Definately not Saturday 23rd December.


Please, Raymond, at your meetings, would you ask any who have not signed the petition for financing for S4C to please do so?
I lived in York from 1952-1956 and snooty Harrogate in 1969-1972! I am very fond of the white rose County, or should that be Country?!!!
Nadolig Llawen all!


I’m most unlikely to be at the January meeting but most of the group will pick it up from here and I can mention it in February hopefully.
BTW I’m not a Yorkshireman and never will be. We have only lived in Yorkshire since 1972 so I’ll not live long enough to be fully accepted here.