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Yes enjoyed Saturday. Nice to meet you Jane. I would like to play Eileen’s game again as there were new words to learn and remember! Another story to translate would be good.


Hi, I’m Cora, I live in Leeds and I just started learning Welsh last week after wanting to learn for many years. Given my short learning time I don’t know much yet, but I am having a lot of fun! I am using a combination of SSiW and Duolingo currently.
Any room for a newbie?



Hi Cora, you will be most welcome. We try to have fun with our Welsh, usually by playing a game or reading a story, and we use as much as we are able/want to. There’s no shortage of help if you need it.
See you at the next one?


Yes, we will be very pleased to see you. We have two Welsh speakers and all the rest of us are learners at different stages so there won’t be any difficulty involving you in the group. More than that, if you are using Duolingo you will need to hear the words pronounced correctly as the voice of Duolingo is simulated and often uses rather odd pronunciation. So it is important that you get into a group somewhere fairly quickly.
Have you seen the messages further up this thread? The dates for this year are listed in message 117. We meet in the upstairs room of the Brewery Tap starting at 12:00 noon. The Brewery Tap is near the railway station (where the taxis queue up) and is opposite Evans Cycles… Times have to be a bit flexible as trains and buses can occasionally be late. Also, we have a loose structure to each meeting and message 32 will give you an idea of what to expect. It is all fun and everyone is patient, encouraging and supportive.


Looks like I am free on the 25th, so yes, I will be there! :slight_smile:
I have noticed that Duolingo’s pronunciations can be a bit wobbly - I have also used it to refresh my French, and some of the pronunciations Duolingo uses for that are quite odd! Part of the reason I decided to use SSiW was to get a better idea of how to speak properly rather than just learning to read and write, and I’m delighted that there’s a group I can easily get to as well - it’s only a 10-15 minute train ride for me to get into Leeds.
Looking forward to meeting you all!



Yes, SSiW encourages you to listen and speak for quite a while. Reading and writing come later.

If you come out of the main entrance of Leeds Railway Station and turn right you will go along to where the taxis wait outside Evans Cycles. The Brewery Tap is then the nearest building to the station on the other side of the road.

We look forward to seeing you. You will know which group we are as everyone else will be speaking English and we will be busily looking things up in Welsh dictionaries!


Well, I have another story for you but there is going to be a slight change. Eileen suggested using a Welsh legend and I have chosen one that is not too difficult. You won’t need to translate this one into Welsh either but bring your dictionary anyway as it is written in Welsh. Sound fun? I thnk so. Should be really good? I am looking forward to hearing what you do with it. I think you can make it really good!


That sounds good, Raymond, I’m looking forward to it. I want to hear all about mini-bootcamp too (yn y Gymraeg, wrth gwrs) assuming you survived it ok. :slight_smile:
See you Saturday.


Mi hefyd. I saw your photo on the website. See you all Saturday.


I’ll see you there as well. Am not sure about Geraint, as I haven’t heard from him yet.


See you next Saturday. I have a game to play in Welsh! I haven’t tried it out because I can’t play it by myself. It should be good fun; it could be funny, too. :slight_smile:


Sorry won’t be there. At Harrogate Flower Show​:hibiscus::tulip::cherry_blossom:


I don’t htink you will escape; if it works we will be doing it again. Enjoy the flowers and tell us all about them in Welsh next time?


You missed a really good meeting today, Ruth.

We played Articulate, yn y Gymraeg, which was fun and used lots of Welsh. (Great idea, Raymond, we should definitely do it again and, Pat, it was lovely to hear you using more of your Welsh.) :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoyed the flowers and saw some of the :sunny: we had in Leeds (we sat outside). Please do tell us all about it next time.


Yes, Articulate was suggested to me by a Welsh tutor and it was good fun. We made our own rules and played it co-operatively instead of competitively and it worked much better.
It was pleasant to be able to sit outside and to have enough people to play a game with. Then, when eventually two had to leave another turned up unexpectedly.
The group works because everybody makes an effort to contribute to it.


That sounds fun. Aiming to be there in May… Harrogate was good as well🌺


Glad you enjoyed it, Ruth. You now have a month in which to brush up the vocabulary you are going to need to describe what you saw!!

And I have started to prepare another Chwedl to have a go at.

With the game as well, you’ll need to be quick if you want to say much in English. :slight_smile:



Well, I have got your next Welsh fairy story (sorry, legend) ready now. I found an English translation and based it on that so you won’t have quite as much work to do.:slight_smile: It should be good fun and you will still need to engage brain in order to retell it in Welsh. I hope it works.


Sorry I couldn’t make it today - have to move house mid-July (landlady has defaulted on her mortgage), but finding somewhere to move to is proving a bit of an issue… Hopefully will be back next month!


That doesn’t sound good. We wondered were you were as we wanted to hear about boot camp. From a travel point the train journeys were a nightmare, so full, took me all my time to get off at Leeds.