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You know you are learning Welsh when


… it is music to your ears. Everything I can say in Welsh sounds so much better to me now than it does in English!


Similarly, when you spend far too much time worrying about the “proper” words for “sausage” and “bacon”, only to hear the locals talking about “sosej” and “bacwn”.


When you leave one (fairly expensive) dictionary on a train and replace it to only leave that one in a classroom and hope it is still there next week, but it isn’t, so you have to replace it again.


Using a Welsh word when texting because it is shorter than the equivalent on in English!


Yfory/fory and ddoe are particularly useful - they save so many letters!


But don’t try using any accents. On my phone, anyway, an â is worth about 50 characters.

BTW - an awful lot of these “You know you’re learning Welsh…” comments are from people who should be posting in a "You knw when you have become bi-(or how ever many-)lingual!



Focused on Cymraeg I am here :slight_smile: and (as far as concerns me) I’m not even close to be multilingual. I can speak/write some languages, yes, BUT… eh, you know what that “but” means. :slight_smile:

For all the rest here:
Llongyfarchiadau (ups I’ve managed to write this word totally on my own) i chi bawb! Chi’n siarad yn dda iawn pawb. A fi ---------- Dwi’n dal i drio… :slight_smile:


so we had better learn this little ditty then!

Sorry more from the Welsh whisperer!


I really enjoyed that and Chas and Dave’s original - proper geeza’s…


… when you get excited just because the new edition of Lingo Newydd has been shoved through your letter box.


When you can name the local councillors for, Pen-y-Groes, Tal-y-Sarn and Llanllyfni but have no idea who represents my ward here in Gillingham…


Does anyone else notice that this doesn’t make any kind of logical sense? :wink:


No. not me - :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You should hear me how lousy I speak. - LOL

Ah, ja, and you know that you learn Cymraeg when you constantly mix Cymraeg “hi” with English “he” and you just can’t get used to it.

Or you say “ond” where you should say “a/ac” just because “and” and “ond” are so similar to say. :slight_smile:


Happens all the time and also causes havoc with my English spelling which I was always good at.


… when you have to check the SSiW forum one last time before turning out the light … even after a long night shift. :tired_face: :zzz:


When you tend to write down simple “outro” (good night wish + a sentence or two more) on twiter in Italian and you all of a sudden realize you actually can find only Cymraeg words for whatever you want the tweet should say.


…when you start writing your diary & shopping lists in Cymraeg. Then when you try to use the information you cant always remember what the words mean!
Or…you decide to always get your money from the cashpoint in Cymraeg but the first half a dozen times you panic, and end up getting a completely different amount of money than you had intended to get! :smile::smile::smile:


When @aran sends you an e-mail and you search for the “like” button thinking you’re on SSiW forum. :slight_smile:


When everybody stares at you because you’ve accidentally answered the question yn Cymraeg


I just saw what you did there (only took me more than a month) :smile:
Da iawn.