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You know you are learning Welsh when


On Radio Cymru yesterday there was lots of talk about “pobl ifanc yn yr ysbyty am liver function tests”… (or words to that effect)


People drop English terms into Welsh all the time, but the thing that really amused me about the farmer asking for “cream cakes” was that he’d automatically registered cakes as feminine and had thus asked for “pedair” of them not “pedwar”, despite using English words :slight_smile:


Well yeah! - Whereas Hobnobs (the SAS of the biscuit world, according to comedian Peter Kay) would obviously be masculine… :slight_smile: ).


Cake is feminine in Italian (torta). I’m not sure I remember about English. Is it called neutral? Or masculine?:roll_eyes:

I guess this is too complicated for non British… :thinking:


Actually, in English we don’t have masculine or feminine nouns, which is one of the things that makes learning other languages so difficult.


Being strong to the core, being able to withstand the heat and pressure and carrying on to the end to finish the job. Obviously feminine, absolutely no doubt.


Further to the McDonald’s kiosk thing… I just used it again today and was horrified to notice “Mae gen i cwpon” at the end. This is Somerset! We’ll have no “gen i” here! And there was no mutation in “cwpon”. Plus at the end i was invited to “talu contactless”! I left it on screen for the next person to be equally outraged by…!



Like deer -> venison, cow -> beef, pig -> pork?


…when you’re seeing the first patient of the day for their eye test, 3 weeks after returning from Bwtcamp, having had the latest course 3 lessons on in the car, and ask them during the eye test to look ‘lawr’. I don’t think she noticed as her hearing wasn’t the best either. :grin:. Continually loving how often Cymraeg pops up in my head nowadays!


I should add that I work in South East England!!


Using the words “Cymraeg” and “'Saesneg” to differentiate Between WelshTV news programmes. S4C v BBC Wales (The one about Wales, in English).

Also knowing which political party my wife was referring to as “S4C” :grinning:


LOVE the idea of people in the south-east of England getting random, unexpected eye tests in Welsh - you just made my day… :heart: :star2:


I love the fact that random bits of Cymraeg keep popping into my head during the day! Testament to a fantastic Bwtcamp I reckon! :nerd_face:


I keep talking to myself in Welsh and I keep saying “shwmae” and “diolch” to people in shops…
I wonder why people here in Germany don’t understand me anymore?


When you see “colli” in an Italian text and realize you’re reading it in your head with the Welsh pronunciation! :open_mouth:


Duw, thats impressive! I wish my husband & dog were so responsive :grin:


When you’re following the England cricket match in Sri Lanka and want to keep pronouncing the venue, Galle, as if it’s a form of the verb “Gallu”.

(They could use that for their tourist industry: “Galle: The city that can!”)


…when I tried to use my skeletal Italian in Napoli last month, and, on receiving a reply in Italian, I often said “Eto?” without thinking. It left both of us a bit puzzled, needless to say.


…also because it’s a word that not only sounds totally Italian, but also means hecto(gram). :grin:


…when I carried out a (successful) transaction in the Bank in Caernarfon, in Welsh! Never dared before, money’s normally far too important to risk making a mistake.