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You know you are learning Welsh when


My favorite thing is when you come up with a phrase or sentence in Welsh, and it doesn’t seem quite right to you, but you can’t figure out why.
Today’s problem: “Canu i’r byd” versus “Canwch i’r byd”. It’s pretty bad when Google Translate seems more grammar-smart than you are.


…when you’ve lost faith in your ability to ever learn/speak Welsh, still, you cannot get this language out of your head.


Don’t let it beat you :slight_smile:

Anyway, on a lighter note -
Does anyone else get the wrong picture when the term Hen Party is mentioned :slight_smile:


Well, since I’m now imagining chickens running around… Maybe with little party hats. And they’d probably peck at the confetti littering the ground. Now they’re eating cake…
I might be getting carried away with this image. :joy:


I saw “Dwnld” in the title of a video, and it took me a moment to realize it was short for “Download” rather than a word in another language.


Ah yes you had me for a minute. It does look slightly Welsh. A bit like Drwg for a naughty drawing :slight_smile:

Just realise what I wrote there :frowning:
No hidden meaning intended.
Just drwg = naughty or bad and also Drwg is shorthand for engineering drawing.
I really shouldnt be let loose unsupervised on the forum.


You see the name of a street and in your head it sounds like the name Valeria.


When you’re trying to learn another language and you keep pronouncing the “u” like in Welsh … the pitfalls of learning from a book instead of a SaySomethingin course :roll_eyes:


When you are writing out something in English and halfway through the sentence, it changes into Welsh. My text messages are confusing my friends and family.:crazy_face:


I wrote “fery” (very) the other day, confused everyone involved.


Yeah, If looks weird. Of and off are OK though. Forest is another, although aroung Seansea it seems ok to use two Fs and even two Rs if you feel like it.


No we! :grin:


A Golden Girls reunion, perhaps?


I was driving my son to the Health Centre in Machynlleth, when we had to stop behind a row of cars to allow people coming out of the car park to pass.

Waiting there, he said, “Look! Ysgol!”

No, no I thought, the school is nowhere near here, no signs for the school or anything… Pardon?


I looked around for a ladder… couldn’t see anything.
Then we pulled out around the cars into the car park.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

I was trying to tell you, there was A SKULL in the back of that car!!!

I hope it wasn’t one of the patients :laughing:


When you realise there are so many ways of saying ‘my sister’ that you get completely confused as to which one you’re going to use… Even when you don’t have any sisters!


My ability to spell rugby has been destroyed. Rugbi? Rygbi? Rugbu? Rygby? :joy:


Ha ha yes. An English word that looks so much better in Welsh. Also fun to mis out double consenants :grinning:


I hope these links work but the etymology of all these words is interesting and as i suspected they are probably borrowed from other languages.…0.yrxqJlosXtA…0…1…0i71j0i7i30j0i8i7i30j0i8i13i10i30j0i131i67j0i273j0i67.ycfAHHut00c…0…1…0i71j0i7i5i30j0i131i273j0i273j0i67j0i7i10i30j0i8i7i30.wpaWbGaO8j8


… during an online sing, a small indignant child says you’re singing it WRONG.

Apparently it’s not:

Sur le pont d’Avignon
O’n i’n dawnsio, o’n i’n dawnsio

As Welsh goes in one ear, French goes out the other.


Even though I studied French years and years ago at school, I still find that French words will pop up in my Welsh (especially when I have forgotten a Welsh word) even more than English words. It is like my brain has categorised all languages other than English into one category.