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You know you are learning Welsh when


… you say “Diolch” to the Amazon driver who has just delivered your Welsh grammar book. (I’m in Oxford and the driver was not Welsh).


You’ve been playing Cyfri Lawr with @nia.llywelyn et al on WSP, then you’re watching it on TV in English and without thinking make Welsh words🤔


When you overhear someone saying “win win solution” and have something like this appear in your mind :grin:


You know you are learning Welsh when Google keeps showing you adverts like these although it “knows” that you are in England.
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You know when you’re learning Welsh when…

You’re driving home on Saturday evening half listening to Radio Cymru, when you hear them say that the Welsh Whisperer will be appearing somewhere inside ‘Mae’r ci mawr’ and spend quite a time wondering why the Welsh Whisperer will be in a large dog…

Before you realise he will be in the Big Marquee!


hehehe - reminds me of a time when I couldn’t work out why someone was talking about a kangaroo before it dawned on me they were talking about a beer can :rofl:


…when you see a Facebook post entitled “Cyber Fraud/ Twyll Seiber” and say the first word as “Cuh-bear” because it looks SO WELSH…
I’m not actually an idiot, but now and again I do a really good impersonation of one.


BBC News said “key infrastructure” but I heard “dog infrastructure”


Four years ago I spent a week in Lower Saxony. I was surprised and pleased to find how much long-forgotten German I could remember and towards the end of the week I was speaking - and thinking - in German. All went well until I emerged from a Dresden beer cellar after lunch to find an unexpected change in the weather and said to the person behind me “Mae hi’n bwrw glaw.”.


… you see a sign on the side of the road for “hen eggs” and think “Why would you want to buy old eggs?”.


When you and your partner start asking for “paned o de, os gwelwch yn dda” first thing in the morning everyday instead of yn Saesneg!


…you often almost say “hefyd” instead of “also” and keep having to correct yourself, but it still comes out as “me also”; (same order as “fi hefyd”!)


Moi aussi!