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Your Inspiring Pictures of Wales


A picture doesn’t do it justice…neither does this clip. Llanddwyn…one of the most beautiful places on Ynys Mon.


Pont Scethin on the main London to Harlech road. The traffic used to be terrible -stagecoaches, drovers leading cows, sheep, booted pigs and ducks to market…

but it’s not so bad now.


Pwllheli Beach in the evening. We had just watched the last family leave and it felt really magical. The quality is not great because I took it with a mobile phone.



Just seen this picture of Castell Dinas Bran, hadn’t heard of it before - not sure why it’s not better known as it must be one of the most spectacularly sited castles in the country!

It looks just as spectacular without the mist


Llanberis Lake Railway. Not particularly an inspiring picture or a good one either; but I thought I would share. Look who appeared in the bottom left hand corner when I was trying to photograph the moving engine…and I wasn’t even trying. :slight_smile:


I love this one @a_jay. Strange, the first thing I saw was that one you didn’t even try to photograph … :slight_smile:


@tatjana, I think if I had tried to take the photo like that I would have failed!


Aha … agreed. And that’s why it’s so perfect. I love it.


Caernarfon prepared for the weather!