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2019 Tresaith Bwtcamp May 11-18 : Sold Out!


Thank you Ann :smiley:


Thank you Dee again :blush:


I’ve been lucky enough to get onto the Tresaith bootcamp in May. Many apologies for being so late posting and very much looking forward to meeting everyone:
I’m Alistair , from Swansea originally, have lived in England for many years but back in Wales regularly ( went to Cardiff University so regularly back for the rugby)

I have family and friends who are Welsh speakers so goal is to be able to hold regular and varied conversations totally in Welsh ( rather than run out of steam or be processing the fast pace of words as quick as the cogs can turn trying to figure out what I just heard)

Have always loved music and still enjoy going to live gigs ( mainly 80’s bands that are still going!)

Always like being in the countryside and enjoy long distance running ( if anyone fancies some running along Ceredigion coastal path bring your trainers to Bwtcamp )
Pob Hwyl Alistair


Hello is anybody going on the May bwtcamp coming from South Wales ish that I could maybe get a lift with please. I could get the train to where ever is convenient to be picked up from if that was possible. Thank you.
@Alistair I will bring my running shoes but will you will leave me behind especially as I’m embarrassed to admit that I bought them in November and they are still in the box! Looking forward to meeting everybody


hi Trevor

Me again

See its Nuneaton I have to get to = absolutely fine! Would be great if you could confirm if still OK though!


If you missed a place on this May Bwtcamp, did you notice that there is a place available on the June Bwtcamp now due to a cancellation?


@emma-hudson I live in Pontllanfraith, so I am sure we could come to some arrangement as we are not too far apart. Send me an email and we can sort out the details, my address is




Really looking forward to the Bwt Camp. have only just finished Challenge 25 on Level 1 so realise I will be behind everyone. However, being positive!

Just a practical question - I thought I read earlier that their would be a request special requests coming out but not seen anything.

I would just like to mention that I am a vegetarian. Also, I drink Soya or skimmed milk. Should I bring a supply with me?

Regards to all



Hi @DiMatthews
I think this is best answered by @Iestyn or @Dee. Tagged for you. See you next week :hugs:


Hello Di,
I’ve only just finished level 2 so I’m not far in front of you, we can muddle through together!
I’m prscutarian although not strict if it’s tricky I eat chicken very occasionally!
Looking forward to meeting you all next week


We almost always have vegetarians and people with particular dietary needs, so we establish all that on the first day when we’re discussing meals. You should have received (or will receive) an email from @Iestyn asking about that, so we know how to cater for the first dinner on the Saturday when that’s prepared for you.
We generally buy some whole milk and some semi-skimmed to start off, but we can always buy skimmed and soya as well. There is a shop not far away and we visit nearby towns with supermarkets as well during the week, so anyone with specific needs can stock up.
There is a fridge and a freezer available for all to keep special requirements in.




I have only just finished level one too.


Hello everyone!

Saturday’s the day!

I haven;t received answers from everyone regarding dietary requirements etc. It was in an email that I sent about a fortnight ago. But I am aware of two people who didn’t receive the first email due to overactive spam filters.

So if anyone hasn’t had an email with questions to answer about yourself, like contact details, next of kin and what you want to get out of bwtcamp, could you holler here? And if you have had it but not answered, could you let me have your details as soon as possible?




I was not sure about where to respond @Iestyn so sent you a private message about 5 days ago.
No problem with food but I would be grateful if someone could pick me up at Tan-y-Groes. I was going to text you from the bus which should arrive at 14:30.
I also sent phone numbers and next of kin. If, you didn’t get my message I will send it again tonight Thursday or Friday morning


Ah, just found the reply I sent you @Iestyn about 5 days ago. Copied and pasted here:

Hi Iestyn,

Thanks for your previous reassuring message a couple of months back.

This is to give you the information requested recently, for Bootcamp. I hope it’s appropriate here?

(Personal information deleted)

Just to let you know, the links to click on for information what to bring: First two say ‘not found’ and the third is dated 2010. I am assuming the information there still applies?

Thank you Iestyn, I am really looking forward to boot camp and meeting you all. Exciting and scary!

Best wishes Ann :hugs:


Think there may be a huge difference between levels 1 and 2!!! Anway, too late now! Sink or swim!!!


I did my first even park run last weekend, but I don’t think I wold be suited to running with a long distance runner. Could bring my running gear if there was likely to be anyone else of my limited standard!!!


Diolch yn fawr for the information, @annmoore - I’ve copied what I needed, and deleted the personal ionformation from the public forum so that it’s no longer available to anyone else.

I’m not sure what happened to the original, but everything is fine now!

I am still missing information for @amazing-meirion and @TrevorJones2. That’s not a problem as long as you’re not vegetarian, and as long as I haven;t missed a reply with requests for information etc.

Anyway. we’ll be cooking two big pans of bolognaise sauce this afternoon - one with meat and one without. And checking through my boxes of stuff to make sure I have a fully stocked library and songsheets and stuff.

See you all tomorrow!


Bootcamp Mai 2019

What an amazing week in my life! The weather was lovely and our group were friendly, interesting and very funny. (with some brilliant cooks too!)
We had lots of fun and laughter using the language of heaven. (well, really trying to)
Iestyn, Nia and Dee were wonderful and it felt like having a big family. Thank you everyone for making bootcamp so special.