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2019 Tresaith Bwtcamp May 11-18 : Sold Out!


Thank you Ann :smiley:


Thank you Dee again :blush:


I’ve been lucky enough to get onto the Tresaith bootcamp in May. Many apologies for being so late posting and very much looking forward to meeting everyone:
I’m Alistair , from Swansea originally, have lived in England for many years but back in Wales regularly ( went to Cardiff University so regularly back for the rugby)

I have family and friends who are Welsh speakers so goal is to be able to hold regular and varied conversations totally in Welsh ( rather than run out of steam or be processing the fast pace of words as quick as the cogs can turn trying to figure out what I just heard)

Have always loved music and still enjoy going to live gigs ( mainly 80’s bands that are still going!)

Always like being in the countryside and enjoy long distance running ( if anyone fancies some running along Ceredigion coastal path bring your trainers to Bwtcamp )
Pob Hwyl Alistair