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5 minute conversation


I am doing the 6 minutes a day, I am on Level 2, lesson 12. I have to have a 5 minute conversation with someone but I am very slow! 5 minutes could be one sentence! North Wales dialect would be great!


Hi, Jaqui,

I’m Gogledd, on Level 2/Challenge 23. I’d be happy to chat with you via Zoom, if we can find a time that works for both of us. I’m in the U.S., near Washington, DC (Eastern time zone, on DST), so 5 hours behind London. Lle wyt ti’n byw?

If you’re on the SSiW Support channel of Slack, you can find me there as “Anne in Virginia.”


Hi Anne. Great to hear from you, thank you for getting in touch. I am around after 3.30…most days
Hope we can speak soon, be warned I am very slow! Jacqui


How about some evening at 5 pm your time (that’s noon here)? This Saturday, or Monday or Tuesday of next week would be good for me.


Hi Jacqui
How did you get on? I’d be interested to know as I haven’t done one of these before
I’m on Level 2 14 and a Gog!


Hi David I haven’t done one yet, the plan is to zoom meet (Anne is in the USA) until 5pm our time on Monday… I am very nervous,but feel I must do it now before it’s too late! I will keep you posted, where do you live? Ble wyt ti’n byw? (I hope that’s right)…


Hi Jacqui. Good luck with your chat with Anne
I need to have a go at a conversation to prove to myself that I can say a few sentences in Welsh.
I’m in Rhuddlan. And you?


Hi David, I will let you know how it goes on Monday. If I feel confident enough maybe we could try a five minute conversation? I live in Cwmyoy, it is north of Abergavenny… the road that goes over Gospel Pass to Hay on Wye. Not many Welsh speakers here apart from my partner and two neighbours, none that are keen to listen to a learner!


Will be nice to have 5 minute chat. I’ll do some serious practice. Lol


Not heard from Anne, are you about and do you want to try5 minutes? I am not sure how we do this, is it via zoom? If so I am useless at setting it up! Jacqui