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[6 month course] - I listened to my '3 stories' recording, and here's how I feel now


I sound like someone learning Welsh! Which is precisely what I want at this point :grinning: I too listened to all of my recordings in reverse chronological order. I am very pleased with my progression. Diolch yn fawr iawn. :grin:
There’s a sweetness to my first hesitant recording of ‘dysgu’.
And my progress in 'live ’ slack chats is very exciting too.


Well DONE! It’s so, so valuable to have recordings you can listen back to - pretty much the only reliable way to get a really clear insight into how far you’ve come… :slight_smile: :star2:


I’ve just listened to my 3 short stories :blush:
It’s surreal listening to yourself speak, but in Welsh even stranger, but in a good way.
I’m feeling more Welsh if that makes sense?
Like the missing piece of my Welshness is being re-placed bit by bit: :slight_smile:
I’m feeling kinda proud !
I’m also very pleased with myself, on how much Cymraeg I had retained in my pea of a brain, to actually compose not one, but 3 little stories.
Not sure what others would make of them, I’m sure there are plenty of mistakes in there, but it’s a good piece to look back on when I’ve made more progress.
Diolch pawb


And that you most CERTAINLY should… :slight_smile: :star: :star2:


I always think it’s weird hearing my own voice! Despite this, I’m proud of myself for remembering them and think I sound quite professional!!


Superb - well done you! :star2:


I guess the next step is speaking Welsh confidently outside of the learning practices and not forgetting everything when I find myself unexpectedly being spoken to in Welsh!


It’s all about repeated exposure and getting used to the challenge… you’ll get there, if you just keep going… :slight_smile:


Diolch :slight_smile:


Souncloud would not work so recorded the stories on my phone. Quite excruciating listening to my own voice and silly mistakes but - wow - i was speaking coherent Welsh!


Huge congratulations, that’s a heck of a result! Yes, your own voice always sounds wrong at first, but don’t worry about that - speaking Welsh is the important thing… :slight_smile: :star2:


It was very strange listening to my recording! I was surprised with how confident I sound on it and thought it sounded better than I remembered! There were a few stumbles but I was very pleased!


I can hear there are some sentences I’m really confident with and flow really well! And I still have a good go at the ones that are a little harder! :grin::grin::grin::grin:


Oh dear, not very crisp and clear, but that is my Northern accent as much as anything. My local Welsh are either in lockdown or working in key roles with no time to meet, and neither do I (teaching). I need to sharpen up both confidence and diction.


That sounds as though you’re probably being a bit hard on yourself, John - but do get along to Welsh Speaking Practice and you’ll find plenty of people eager to have 1-on-1 online practice sessions, which is where almost all the real gains will be for you from now on :slight_smile:


Cheers! thanks for the boost, and will take the advice.
It’ll all get sorted once I have time, but COVID is chewing up school (prep) and community (support for isolators and those in poverty), and my nearest native speaker, who runs a care agency a couple of miles away, is equally under the cosh.


Yeah, these are tough old times, and NOT ideal for learning of any kind, despite all the stuff in the media about this ‘chance’ to do eight million different brilliant things - stress is a VERY BAD ingredient for learning, so cut yourself all the slack you need, it’s the right thing to do… :slight_smile:


Shmae, I’m a six minuter and I have been asked to record and listen back to three short stories. I’m at level 2 and starting challenge 6 this week.
I had no Welsh at the beginning of Lockdown in April and Dw i’n synnu at faint dw i wedi dysgu llawer yn barod😳
Some of my sentences have the wrong emphasis on my recording and are slow but I’m very proud of myself😊


@aran this was where the link brought me so Mae’d ddrwg da fi if its the wrong place