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In here for meetups and events, folks… :sunny:

We’re going to try and figure out some way to get a calendar view effect, but it’ll probably take a fair old while, so for the meantime if you can just try and develop the habit of putting location and date in your post titles, that’ll probably be good :thumbsup:smile:


I would like to put our coffee morning in Blackwood on the list of weekly meet ups on the list sent out in the ssiw e-mail. Could you let me know how to do this please? Many thanks JAN.


Dee may well have seen this already - but in general terms, starting a thread in ‘Meetups/Events’ with the main details in the thread title is the best way to make sure you catch her eye… :sunny:

If you’re not sure how to start a thread - just click on the blue ‘Meetups/Events’ up at the top there, and then look over to the top right-ish for ‘+ Create Topic’ and you’re away!

Grwp bach newydd, cwrddion nesa 8 Gorffennaf 7 tan 9. mae’r cwrdd tyfi mis


There are so many Welsh Language events happening right now and I’m keen to go to as many as possible but don’t always have company.

There is a new group on the MEETUP application which is free to join and is aimed at all of South Wales. Anyone is welcome to put up events they’ve seen to find company, or just to advertise for others. Its simple to track events and attendees in this app/website #Meetup #Cardiff via @Meetup

If this is sucessful then I will also create one for North Wales as I’m there regularly.


Hoping to bump this back up now that events are starting to get rescheudled…