Advanced Content - Sgwrs 14 - Spoiler Alert


Loved this, Gisella :heart_eyes:


You know, this thread has been so interesting, I wonder if it would be a good idea for you to start a new thread for each new sgwrs, @beca-brown?

And maybe some of the interviewees would enjoy popping in to see how much they’re helping (or terrifying people with killer bees)… :slight_smile: :heart:




Yes! If I can work out how to do it!


Hi Beca,

I wonder how many deaths via poisoning there could have been in North Wales …not many you’d think.

I have the vaguest recollection which has appeared from somewhere in the back of my mind, of my father talking about appearing as a witness in a ‘poisoning trial’ in North Wales - it would have been in the sixties or later 50s I guess - he was a horticulturist and was giving evidence about weedkillers/ chemicals/ quantities that would be normal during usage in the garden.

The only thing I really remember about it, was him being alarmed by the way what people said in the trial could be turned by the barristers.

It is a funny thing…do you know when this murder was?..probably 1850 or something, ha, ha - my dad wasn’t that old.


ps. my dad was also a beekeeper but this definitely wasn’t mentioned in relation to the court case! :smile: :smile:


That’s much easier than posting the audio and text files like you did last week, I’m sure you can do it! :wink:

When you log in the forum, on the top right you should see this:
Let’s see:

  1. click on “New Topic”
  2. type a title or copy and paste this, with the right sgwrs number
    [Advanced Content - Sgwrs x - Spoiler Alert]
  3. select a category (Welsh - General/Questions)
  4. Type any text exactly like when you write a post
  5. click on the blue button “create topic”


Ok guys - how did I do?! New Sgwrs now up - hope it’s tidier than last week’s! Let me know (kindly! :wink:) if it’s not right.
Thanks for the instructions @gisella, I’ll give that a go too :blush:


It’s there on the App - :+1:


All looking perfect! I usually post to say ‘It’s up!’ in the ‘Published: new advanced content’ just to bring it to people’s attention - if you click on the magnifying glass top right up there, and put ‘new advanced content’ in as a search term, you’ll find it… :slight_smile:


Yes, it looks great thanks. Also, as a side, as a consequence of your sgwrsau (?) I now seem to undetstand a frightening amount of Radio Cymru. Also Ive listened to some 1st language website podcasts and they are ok as well. What’s happening to me? :thinking:




That’s fantastic to hear, well done you, you’ve obviously been working really hard on it all :clap:t4:


Ah ok!!!


What’s your sense about how much Beca’s sgyrsiau have been a factor here, @JohnYoung? :slight_smile:

If you’d be happy to write a paragraph or two about your experience, that would be a HUGE help with the ongoing challenge of spreading the word about this content to as many people as possible… :slight_smile: :heart:


Hmmm, not so sure about this one - aren’t we already in ‘published: new advanced content’? This is quite possibly the stupidest question ever asked, but hey…!


Hi Aran and Beca (and All). Yes I’d be delighted to put a few words together. Perhaps early next week. Yes definitely the Challenges and the Sgwrsiau with the PDFs that have got me to this stage.


Just listened to Scwrs 15. Not sure if it was that it had more familiar vocab, or if l am starting to get my ear in. But I reckon that was the most I’ve understood before reading the trawsgriff.

(Also, gonna have to visit that sh op come the Parti Penblwydd! :slight_smile: )


Gwych - diolch o waelod calon! :heart:

What happens is that when we add a comment in ‘Published: new advanced content’ it brings it back to the top of the thread list, so it works like an alert…

But having said that, if there’s a new thread consistently named ‘Advanced content - Sgwrs x - Spoiler Alert’ that may do the job even better.

So I’m just going to shut up and back into the hedge here…


Hi, Aran, Beca and All. Just a few thoughts on how Beca’s Advanced Content has helped me:

Whilst journeying through the Challenges, I had also been listening to large chunks of Radio Cymru and engaging in real life conversations and anything else whenever possible. However, my understanding of these extras was minimal to start with and although my progress with them has been significant, as expected it has been steady.

Then - along came the Advanced content! I am really enjoying these items and have found the interviews along with the associated transcripts and translations to be a real help. Even though I am definitely not a high flying student, I am surprised at how much and quickly I am learning from the Sgwrsiau. They are proving to be a real boost.

I have continued listening to radio interviews, news items etc, and also more recently tried website type podcasts (recorded 1st language talks and the like). I must say that I have been really encouraged by my new understanding of these. I really feel that the Sgwrsiau have been a significant factor in my improvement.

For me personally, I probably wouldn’t have been ready for the Advanced Content before completing the Challenges. But I’m not sure if that would be the case with everyone.

I must just quickly also thank @Iestyn for last year’s Shwmaeathon and for chatting to me at the Party, which were also milestones in my learning journey.

So, I can really recommend the Advanced Content for anyone who is ready for the next step after the Challenges, Structured Courses or Bwtcamp.

Aran/Beca, many thanks.

Please feel free to move this comment to another forum space or publication, if you think that it will be an encouragement.



That’s fantastically interesting, John - thank you so much - just to be certain, would you mind if we put that in a post on Facebook with your name on it? :slight_smile: :star2: