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Any learners in Northants?


Dwi’n awgrymu parco mewn maes parco The Village Hall ar yr ochr arall o’r ffordd o The Carpenters. Sundon Rd, Harlington, Dunstable LU5 6LS

Pryd yn union? Dwi ddim yn siwr. Mae’n dibynnu ar pa route ni’n moyn cerdded. Fersiwn o’r Medium Walk efallai? Tua 5.5 milltir? Beth am yn y prynhawn, os y tywydd yn ofnadwy gawn ni aros yn Carpenters a chael sgwrs.


5.5 milltir yn braf. Beth amser plis?


Maen flin da fi, Gwnes I ddim dallt “Pryd yn union” !
Beth am un o’r gloch?



Pryd yn union… -When exactly… I think/hope that’s what it means. :crazy_face:

Just checking with the pub. On their website they say the kitchen closes between 3 and 5 on a Saturday. It’s open for drinks though. So afternoon of walking and chatting then back to the pub for tea time? If one pm is a go-er I’ll give our meet up a plug on the various learner forums to see if we can find some new friends to join us. Popeth yn iawn?


Bydda i yno un o’r gloch dydd Sadwrn.
Gobeithio y bydd mwy o bobl, ond os na, dim problem.



Love this!!! Os dim ond y dau ohono ni mae’n hyfryd ond pobl arall yn croeso iawn hefyd.

Taith Cerdded Harlington i Sharpenhoe Clappers (c. 5.5milltir) a wedyn The Carpenters Arms. Meet at the Harlington Village Car Park (opposite the Carpenters Arms) Sundon Road, Harlington, Dunstable, LU5 6LS.

1pm Saturday 13th August

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Can we get a group set up in Northampton?
Can we get a group set up in Northampton?
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y 13th Mis Awst neu y dydd sadwrn ,ma?


I’m in Harlech this Saturday, and not available on the 6th. 13th is the earliest Saturday I have. That ok?


Da iawn, wela i chi yno. 14th.
Mywnwch Harlech a dim canu plis!



13th. :rofl: :grinning: :+1:


Hiya Glynn,

How are you, m’dear? Now then, the weather looks like it’s going to be scorching hot on Saturday and we’ve arranged to walk in the afternoon when its hottest. :sun_with_face::sunglasses::fire: I’m thinking that might not be the wisest move. (What’s the Welsh for sun stroke?) Should we adjust the plan - skip the walk this time perhaps and enjoy the shade of The Carpenters and chat? What do you think?

Looking like it’s the two of us. I’ve mentioned it in various groups (St Albans, MK, this Forum, on Menter Iaith Lloegr on FB, and Sgwrsio Bedfordshire on FB, a group I created in a burst of enthusiasm a few years back in the hope of finding other learners which is basically just me :crazy_face:) so I need to keep an eye out at 1pm in case anyone comes along on the spur of the moment.

Beth wyt ti’n meddwl Glynn?
What do you think Glynn?

Rhi x


Bore da, Rhiannon
Dw i’n meddwl bod eich syniad diweddaraf yn dda fel arfer.
Gwelwn ni chi yn y dafarn tua un o’rgloch?
I think your latest idea is good as usual.
We will se you in the pub at about one o’clock?

Glynn x


Gwich! Dyna plan! Great! That’s a plan. :+1::+1::+1: