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Any learners in Northants?


Helo pawb
Sorry for this, I have posted before when starting the course, a bit prematurely I think! However, I am up to week 16 and feel that I am now ready to meet up with other learners if there are any in my region?
Would also like to be able to converse on line if anyone is willing to do so?


yndw. dwi’n byw in Sir Northants ond gweithio yn Gogledd Cymru. Dwi wedi bod yn dysgu am tua blynynddoedd rwan, ond dwi ddim yn da iawn. Liciwn i cyfarfod neu chat.

Cofion gorau



Newyddion da. Liciwn i cyfarfod hefyd. Dw i’n ddim sure sut gwneud hwn. Dw i’n byw yn Moulton ar byws Northampton. Dw i’n d bod yn dysgu am tua pedwar mis rwan ,ond mae rhaid i mi dysgu llawer myw.

Good news, I would like to meet up also. I am not sure how to do this.I live in Moulton next to Northampton. I have been learning for about 4 months now, but I need to learn lots more.



Hi folks - It’s great that you’re practising writing in Welsh but can I just gently remind you to include an English translation if you post in Welsh so that very new learners can follow the thread too. Diolch!


Mean flin da fi🤫
Mean ddrwg gen I


Hiya Glynn,

I’m not in Northants, but just down the M1 in a village near junction 12 of the M1.
I might be a able to get to a meet up somewhere the southern end of Northants?

Dwi’n byw yn Harlington, Beds, jyst lawr y ffordd M1 ac yn dysgu Cymraeg gyda SSiW.

Rhi x


I would love to meet up, perhaps MK? I hope my Welsh will be good enough for you. Hopefully we can get Richard as well.


MKs a good spot. Sent a postcard to a fellow learner in MK who’s in Clwb Cardiau Post a while back. Wonder if they fancy joining us too - excuse to send another postcard. All practice is good.


Looking forward to it.More the merrier.