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Anyone watching Pobol Y Cwm? Rownd a Rownd? New Hangout to discuss soaps 🎬


I can’t remember either.


Wasn’t one of the cliff hangers, Ed’s clothes, keys and phone on the top of a cliff…?


Who’s she seeking solace from now?


@gruntius I been watching a month so this blew my tiny little mind


Well, I’m now back up to date (well… 1 day out of date)


Ye boi


Great to see the Welsh Whisperer putting in an appearance!


I won. :sunglasses:


Lucky dab.


Oooh - hope you’re going to tell us all about it!


I have to say I think the actor playing Eifion is doing a good job at this latest storyline. Maybe because I haven’t seen much of his history it seems more believable than a lot of the stuff they come up with!

I just hope it’s not because someone saw that relationship web drawing upthread and thought they needed to introduce more love interest for Iolo or Tyler, becuase they were just too happy and coupled up down in the corner there.


Yes will do. If I remember anything of course. I get star stuck quite easily and may not speak to anyone haha.
Something to talk about this weekend. :+1:t2:


I love this Welsh word and so appropriate - genfigennus!


After missing a bit in the middle… Can anyone tell me why and how Eifion and Cadno have swapped houses and jobs with Eilean and Jim? When did this happen?


One of those PYC logic moments - Eileen tells Cadno (who thinks Eifion has run away for good because of the meat scam missing money) that they’re rubbish and she (Eileen) is moving back to Penrhewl, which seems to somehow be hers and Jim’s, at least partly, to save the good name of the farm. Meanwhile Cadno is given the shop. The move takes at least four minutes and nobody seems bothered in the least, apart from Eifion who arrives at the farm looking confused and disgruntled. He spends the rest of time looking confused and disgruntled, only now in a shop.
Tadaa! :relaxed:


It is also to do with Eileen expecting a baby who she didn’t want to bring up in a flat, hence the move to the farm. My history of PyC doesn’t go back more than three years but I think Eileen was either brought up on the farm or she ran it at some time.


Genfigennus is now added to my new word list. Diolch.


I watched it for a bit whilst I was at Uni, and I seem to remember Eileen and Denzil were the ‘farmers’ up at Penrhewl. It was the family farm, I think, and Cadno is a relation, which led me to think that that’s how she ended up there. [quote=“peterallen, post:296, topic:7941”]
expecting a baby who she didn’t want to bring up in a flat

I think the baby was a very good excuse - I get the sense she has wanted to go back to the farm ever since she left it, although I’m not sure it’s an easy life when you are pregnant and have gestational diabetes…:confused:


Had a great time at the special screening. Unfortunately we have been sworn to secrecy and Gary Monk will duff is up if we breathe a word. :zipper_mouth_face:
I can say keep watching as lots of suprises in store.


Wtf Gary photobombed me so rude.