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Last week I was on a course in Nant Gwrtheyrn and one of the other students was enthusing about the BorrowBook app ( through which you can borrow audiobooks, including Welsh language audiobooks, for free via your local library and the process is very simple - this is how the app describes it:

  • STEP ONE - Join your local public library
  • STEP TWO- Install the BorrowBox app on your device
  • STEP THREE- Select your library service
  • STEP FOUR- Activate with your library membership
  • STEP FIVE- Borrow free eBooks and eAudiobooks


I’m a great fan. In fact, I’m listening to a book on at this very moment. I joined in 2017 and was able to download from anywhere in Asia with WiFi. Downside is that not all public libraries subscribe to borrowbox. Which doesn’t mean they don’t subscribe to other, similar services. In 2017 there were zero, I mean 0, Welsh language books. I remember writing a stiff email to Carmarthenshire public libraries to complain. They said that borrowbox were in negotiations with the publishers. So now there are books in Welsh, but still not very many of them, certainly not enough! Carmarthenshire’s version of Borrowbox (and I’ve no idea if every library service gets, pays for the same selection of books) has 28 Welsh audiobooks.


That’s a similar number to the amount offered in the Wrexham library Borrowbox. There’s quite a good number of e-books (non-audio) for learners, though.


Does anyone know how to get Welsh audio books if you live overseas and cannot join a library in Wales? I believe you need to show proof of address to join a public library.