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I have forwarded an email ad. Bydd eich gweld chi wythnos nesa.


It’s been great to welcome you to the group Phil. Here’s the February list of events.

Things to note: Barry Library will be closed for maintenance on 10th and 17th February so there will be no Caffi Cymraeg on these Saturdays.
Half Term is 19-23 February, so there will be no activities in Palmerston during this week.

Friday 2nd February - Cylch Cinio 12.30pm in Wetherspoons (Sir Samuel Romilly), Broad Street. Bring your non-Welsh speaking partners for lunch on an adjoining table, if you would like.

Friday 2nd February - Cwrdd ag Awdur 7.30pm - Clwb y Bont, Pontypridd. Tutor and Prifardd, Cyril Jones, will be discussing the novel ‘Glas a Gwyrdd’ with the author Eiry Miles. I’m hoping to go, probably by train as the venue is five minutes from the station. Anyone interested in coming?

Monday 5th February - Merched y Wawr - 2.15pm in the Palmerston Centre. Speaker Beti Davies, “Byw ar Whils!”

Tuesday 6th February - Crwydro gyda Valeways 10am Coffee Cove as usual, stroll on Barry Island.

Wednesday 7th February, also 14th February and 28th February (but not half term, 21 February), 6-7pm Cylch Darllen, 7-8pm Cylch Crefft in the Palmerston Centre.

Thursday 15th February - Cylch Siarad - 10.30-11.30am in Wetherspoons, Broad Street. Meet for coffee and chat.

Tuesday 20th February - Cymrodorion - 7.15pm in the Chapel Vestry. A panel from the ‘media’ will discuss “Cynnwys Cymraeg ar sgrin ac ar glawr”

Wednesday 21st February - Valeways Welsh walk - 10.00am in Llantwit Major. “Tua’r Môr” See the Valeways website for details.

Don’t forget the Menter Bro Morgannwg coffee mornings are 11-12 in four locations. Mondays in Foxys, Penarth; Tuesdays in the Academi Coffee Bar in the Tŷ Pwmp, Waterfront, Barry; Wednesdays at The Bear in Cowbridge; Thursdays in the Cafe Velo, Llanilltud Fawr. To confirm when these are meeting contact Ffion ( Or turn up anyway as they seem to be held regularly in term time.

Reminder: the weekly Caffi Cymraeg is every Saturday in the Philip John room, upstairs in Barry Library 10-12, except for 10th and 17th of February, when the library will be closed for routine maintenance.

Spring is on the horizon, but it’s not here yet! The end of winter is traditionally celebrated on 2nd February - the Celtic Imbolc. The corresponding Welsh festival of light is Gŵyl Fair y Canhwyllau (The Virgin Mary’s Feast of Purification/Candlemas), and may traditionally fall a little later in the month to mark the old calendar. This year, on Saturday 10th February there will be a mass held in St Teilo’s church in St Fagans museum 11am-midday if anyone would like to go. Details are on the museum website. Tuesday 13th February is this year’s Dydd Mawrth Ynyd (Shrove Tuesday) which is Dydd Crempog (Pancake Day). Now that really sounds like spring.


Hiya, what book are you reading? I’d like to join the cylch Darllen if I may!


It would be great to have you join us. Just started Y Gelyn Cudd gan Geraint Evans - a straightforward detective yarn. If you pm me your email address I can send you the bilingual synopsis I’ve done for the first 25 pages, before you come on Wednesday evening. We are in the furthest room at the Palmerston Centre - Ystafell Cyfarfodydd/Meetings Room.


I forgot to say… I borrow a box of books from the library, but you mustn’t mark these copies or turn pages down etc, so some people prefer to buy their own book to scrawl over. On Wednesday, you would be borrowing a book for the session then if you come back the next week, you fill in your contact details for the free course and borrow a book to take home if you wish, I have to keep a register because we’ve been given the enormous privilege of a free room in a busy centre, and they need to make sure enough people are coming along to justify it!

Many, many thanks for your interest. Look forward to seeing you.


Thanks for the update.
Not been on the thread for a while.
Welcome to cylch darllen Jules.


I’d like to second that. It was lovely to have your company, Jules. I’ll be sending out the synopsis tomorrow.


I was wondering if any of the wonderful Barry new speakers are going to see Pawb a’i Farn at Ysgol Bro Morgannwg on Thursday night? (It is entirely possible that I have missed an email from @arianrhod, but I think I only heard of it through our school email.)

You need to contact them in advance if you’d like to go. I will probably toddle along for the ride by myself, although I don’t think I’d be brave enough to say anything! It’s Adam Price, David Davies and Meic Birtwistle - promises to be an interesting night!

Mae rhaglen “Pawb a’i Farn” BBC Cymru yn cael ei recordio nos Iau’r 22ain o Chwefror (wythnos hanner tymor) yn Ysgol Bro Morgannwg y Barri ac mae angen cynulleidfa Gymraeg arnon ni! Os hoffech chi fod yn y gynulleidfa, bydd angen cyrraedd yr ysgol erbyn 18:45 ar gyfer lluniaeth (buffet!) a wedyn bydd y recordio yn dechrau am 2000. Ar y panel bydd Adam Price AC, David Davies AS, Meic Birtwhistle, Angharad Mair ac Amanda Protheroe Thomas. Dewi Llwyd sy’n cyflwyno. DYlai fod yn drafodaeth dda. Byddai’n wych tasech chi’n gallu cysylltu yn fuan er mwyn sicrhau tocynnau (am ddim) neu am ragor o fanylion:


Thanks for putting that information out there, Netmouse. Menter Bro Morgannwg sent an email round on 30 January. Let us know how it went.


Helo bawb,

Snow is forecast from Siberia tomorrow, but hang in there, Easter comes before the end of March. Good Friday on 30th March marks the end of the Spring Term.

Did anyone go to “Pawb a’i Farn” at Ysgol Bro Morgannwg last Thursday 22nd February? Menter Bro Morgannwg sent a notice round on 30th January, giving details of how to get a ticket, so it’s well worth signing up for their emails.

Tuesday 27th February - 11.45-12.45 New Beginners’ computer course at Palmerston. Do you know anyone who would be interested? It’s a free, five week course, through the medium of Welsh. Tel 01446 730402 or email:

Wednesday 28th February 6-7pm Cylch Darllen, 7-8pm Cylch Crefft Meeting Room, Palmerston. Continues every Wednesday in March.

Thursday 1st March - Gŵyl Dewi Sant! 12.00-14.00 Cinio Cawl in Palmerston. Tickets are £6 from the office, ring 01446 730402.

Please note, the Tipyn o Bopeth class with Carol Grant restarts on this day, located in Palmerston 1-3pm so you don’t miss out on the cawl. The classes for the rest of the month will revert to the usual location, the Philip John Room in the Library.

Friday 2nd March - Cinio Gŵyl Ddewi at the Wenvoe Golf Club. Cymrodorion and Merched y Wawr join forces. Invited speaker: John Walter Jones, tickets on sale now.

Saturday 3rd March - the weekly Caffi Cymraeg 10-12 is in the library, and at 2pm there is a three-booter walk with Valeways, starting from St Brides Major (see details on the Valeways website).

Monday 5th March - Park Plaza, Cardiff. Aran Jones will be in the bar early evening. If you’ve not yet met Aran, here is your chance. Let me know if you’d like to make up a party.

Tuesday 6th March - if you are not in the Academy Coffee shop of the Pumphouse 11-12, perhaps you’d like a stroll on Barry Island with the Valeways Crwydro group, meet 10am outside Coffee Cove.

Thursday 15th March - 10.30-11.30am Cylch Siarad at Wetherspoons, Broad Street, Barry.
There is no Cylch Cinio planned this month, but it would be great if someone would like to organise one somewhere, somewhen!

Saturday 24th March - Sadwrn Siarad in Llanilltud Fawr

The Menter Bro Morgannwg coffee mornings continue at 11-12 in four locations. Mondays in Foxys, Penarth; Tuesdays in the Academi Coffee Bar in the Tŷ Pwmp, Waterfront, Barry; Wednesdays at The Bear in Cowbridge; Thursdays in the Cafe Velo, Llanilltud Fawr.

Clock change: Believe it or not, clocks leap forward an hour on 25th March!


All good wishes for St David’s Day. The snow has started in earnest here. The Palmerston Centre is closed today and tomorrow, so make your own cawl a pice at home!


The Palmerston Centre has rescheduled its Gŵyl Ddewi party for this Thursday 8th March. 12.00-14.00 Cinio Cawl in Palmerston. Tickets are £6 from the office, Ring 01446 730402.

Contact me about anything else on the monthly calendar. Some things are still getting back to normal.


The end of term is upon us, finishing on Thursday. We have a three week break this year in the Vale of Glamorgan (some other areas have two weeks). Here are the dates of the Summer Term as shown on-line.

Term 3
23 April to 9 July 2018
Half Term: 28 May to 1 June 2018

However…a leaflet from Palmerston suggests they will reopen on Friday 20th April, and end on 18th June so ring them to check if this affects you.

Calendar for April: information is slow and sketchy but here’s what I have.

Easter Saturday 31 March there will be no Caffi Cymraeg at the Library.

Tuesday 3rd April - 10am Crwydro with Valeways as usual on Easter Tuesday. Meet outside Coffee Cove. I can’t see any other Welsh walks in April yet on the Valeways website.

Tuesday 10th April - 7.30pm Merched y Wawr goes back to meeting on Tuesday evenings, now the clocks have changed to summer time.

Tuesday 17th April - 7.15pm Cymrodorion in the Tabernacl Vestry. Menter Bro Morgannwg will come along to explain the work they are doing in the Vale.

Thursday 19th April - Cylch Siarad 10.30-11.30am in Wetherspoons, Broad Street, Barry (Sir Samuel Romilly)

Saturday 21 April - Ar Lafar - Gŵyl i Ddysgwyr, Sain Ffagan. I have no further details at present, so just pencil this in.

Wednesday 25th April - this is the only April session of the Cylch Darllen (6-7pm) and the Cylch Crefft/Scrabble (7-8pm) in the Palmerston Centre.

There is an 11am service every Sunday in April in the Welsh language Tabernacl, King Square, if you’d like some listening practice.

And that’s it, I’m afraid. For information on the Menter Bro Morgannwg coffee mornings over Easter, please contact Menter Bro Morgannwg.

General Information

This is the last week of Lent (Y Grawys). The Lent period starts on Ash Wednesday (Dydd Mercher y Lludw) which is the day after Pancake Tuesday/Mardi Gras (Dydd Mawrth Ynyd). It continues for 6 weeks.

Tomorrow is Maundy Thursday (Dydd Iau Cablyd), when many Christians remember the Last Supper (Y Swper Olaf). The word Cablyd comes from Old Irish ‘caplat’ and the Latin ‘capillatio’. It refers to the custom of monks shaving their heads on this day, and the first reference was in 1400 AD.
This information was brought to you mainly by Wikipedia. My friends, I did the googling so you didn’t have to! Enjoy the break.


Just saw this on Facebook - could be useful for some?


Well that’s a great idea to advertise the event this way! I was there this morning and it was quite well attended today. It’s been going for years and it’s always on the monthly calendar here on this thread. A certain person, recently retired, has obviously had time to promote this very useful meeting place!

Occasionally the very special person that runs it puts on a Welsh film, or a talk. So if anyone would like to drop in, and spend time on a Saturday morning, the room is the one on the right at the top of the stairs.

There is a bus stop right outside the library and a free car park behind the library in Wyndham Street, but the train station is a bit of a walk.


Helo bawb,

Here’s the calendar for May – we have two bank holidays and a half term week this month. Here’s the official summer term dates from the Vale Adult and Community Learning website, although Palmerston classes may end earlier.

Term 3

23 April to 9 July 2018
Half Term: 28 May to 1 June 2018

Tuesday 1st May – 10am Crwydro with Valeways. Meet outside Coffee Cove, Barry Island.

Tuesday 1st May – 11-12, Menter Bro Morgannwg Coffee Morning at the Academy, Tŷ Pwmp.

I checked to see when this weekly event starts and stops and was advised they meet according to the school term dates. So why not pop along and join them? Any changes to times or venues advertised are usually notified via the Menter Bro Morgannwg emails. Other weekly coffee mornings in the Vale continue as before.

Tuesday 1st May – 7.30pm Merched y Wawr, Vestry of the Tabernacl, King Square.

Wednesday 2nd May 6-7 pm Cylch Darllen, 7-8pm Cylch Crefft/Scrabble in Palmerston. These groups will also meet 6-8pm on Wednesdays May 9th, May 16th and May 23rd

Friday 4th May – 12.30pm Cylch Cinio Wetherspoons, Broad Street (The Sir Samuel Romilly)

Saturday 5th May – 10-12 the weekly Caffi Cymraeg meets upstairs in Barry Library, King Square as usual.

For anyone interested, the new Barry Central Library Open+ Membership has now started. Register for this and you can use the library (which will be unstaffed), until 9pm on weekdays.

Monday 7th May – Gŵyl y Banc/Bank Holiday Monday

Saturday 12th May – ‘Sadwrn Siarad Plus’ in Bridgend.

This is something different, organised from Pontypridd by Dysgu Cymraeg Morgannwg. The sessions - Sylfaen to Uwch - offer choices including Tai Chi or Meditation, Clog Dancing or Quiz/Creative Writing, Language games and Activities, plus the play ‘Taith yr Iaith’ which some of you may already have seen. Tel: 01443 483 600 Book your place by 8th May. The cost is £10 for 10am to 3pm, and you can book here:

Thursday 17th May – 10.30 to 11.30m: Cylch Siarad in Wetherspoons, Broad Street.

Friday 18th May – 7pm Noson Lawen at the Palmerston Centre.

This is Cymrodorion’s Finale for the year Cost at the door is a £5 donation minimum to raise money for the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol in Cardiff, which takes place August 3rd to 11th. Some brave people have volunteered their ‘party piece’ already but there is always room for more.

Saturday 19th May – Sadwrn Siarad, Palmerston

Tuesday 15th-Sunday 20 May: Valeways Ninth Vale of Glamorgan Walking Festival.

There are loads of walks on offer. Let’s hope the weather makes this a lovely late spring oportunity to get out and about with a Welsh-speaking friend, even though the walks are not listed as Welsh walks.

Hwyl am y tro


Here’s a reminder that Cylch Siarad is this Thursday (17th May), meet 10.30am in Wetherspoons, Broad Street, Barry.

Cylch Siarad meets on the third Thursday of each month, 10.30-11.30am

The following day - Friday 18th May - is the last of the Cymrodorion meetings. This time it is in the Palmerston Centre (as shown on your programme cards). This grand finale starts at 7pm. If you haven’t been to a Noson Lawen before, come and enjoy the ‘hwyl’. This is a fundraiser for the National Eisteddfod in Cardiff, and a donation of £5 is requested, or more if you’d like to give extra.

Welsh culture is flavour of the month on Radio 4 - last Thursday morning, ‘In Our Time’ was looking at the Mabinogion. Last night at 11.30pm, there was a repeat of last Sunday’s programme on Welsh Cynghanedd with Twm Morys and lots of others.


Sadwrn Siarad
Dydd Sadwrn Mai 19eg | 9:30 - 13:00 | Saturday 19th May
Canolfan Ddysgu Palmerston, Cadoc Crescent CF63 2NT

Beginners to Uwch

Cost - £10
Te a choffi am ddim!

Bydd Meithrinfa hefyd ar gael
*** Rhaid archebu lle o flaen llaw - you’ll need to book a place ***

Reserve your place or find out more:
01446 730402 /


The weather has been lovely in Barry and Vale this weekend, and I hope you’ve been able to enjoy the wonderful opportunities that seaside living brings.

We are cruising into summer now, with the second half of the term beginning on Monday, and everything starting to wind down at Palmerston.

The Menter Bro Morgannwg coffee mornings continue 11-12 in four locations. In Barry, the sessions normally continue during school term time, but there is sometimes an ‘end of term’ variation for a final meal together, so why not go along and see ‘what’s cooking’.

The full list is: Mondays in Foxys, Penarth; Tuesdays in the Academi Coffee Bar in the Tŷ Pwmp, Waterfront, Barry; Wednesdays at The Bear in Cowbridge; Thursdays in the Cafe Velo, Llanilltud Fawr. Ffion is the contact for these (

The Saturday Caffi Cymraeg meets in Barry library every week, 10-12, and will continue through the summer, except for a couple of weeks’ break in August. It’s in the Philip John room, to the right at the top of the stairs.

Other than that these are the June dates to note:
Tuesday 5th June – Crwydro Cymraeg with Valeways around Barry Island, a chance to wander then chat over coffee. Meet 10am outside Coffee Cove. (Monthly)

Wednesday 6th June – 1-3pm A new 5-week course begins in Wenvoe with Carol Grant, based on reading from stories of the Mabinogi. Level Uwch and above, rusty Welsh is fine.

Wednesday 6th June – the final weeks of the Cylch Darllen resume, trying to finish Y Gelyn Cudd by the end of term. Weekly session in Palmerston 6-7pm, followed by 7-8pm Cylch Crefft/Scrabble.

Thursday 7th June - 1-3pm Barry Library Philip John room, the Tipyn o Bopeth course resumes for the third 5-week session.

Saturday 16th June – 11am to 7pm the amazing Gŵyl Fach y Fro will again come to Barry Island promenade. This year the programme is bigger than ever, there is a new acoustic stage as well as the ‘prif lwyfan’ and loads of entertainment, stalls and food. The details are with Menter Bro Morgannwg and definitely one not to miss.

Thursday 21st June – Cylch Siarad meets 10.30-11.30am in Wetherspoons, Broad Street for the monthly chat over coffee. (Third Thursday of the month)

Palmerson classes end officially on Monday 18th June, but some classes will continue beyond that to take account of lost bank holiday Mondays . The Palmerston end of term party will be Monday 25th June.

Merched y Wawr and Cymrodorion have now ended their programmes for the summer. The Noson Lawen on 18 May was a great success and a fab reflection of local talent. There were two harps, two cellos, a keyboard, a ukelel group, various choirs and solos, a guitar, a traditional storyteller giving us a very enjoyable rendering of the tale of ‘Flowerface’. Thank you everyone, especially to those who came to at least one session of Cymrodorion during the year.

A couple of people have come with me to the Welsh Language Tabernacl, King Square, Barry. For anyone interested, there are services at 11am every Sunday in June, with a 5pm communion service on 10th and 24th June.

Watch this thread for other events as they arise. Our group is thinking of going for a walk at Cosmeston…

Please add to this thread, as I’m bound to have forgotten something.


Gorffennaf - July
What an end to June’s weather!

This is a splendid sunny weekend for Tafwyl in Cardiff. As I write, it’s so full that they are operating a one in and one out system and advising people to wear sun hats and suncream. See Twitter or

Will the heatwave continue and – for once – give schools a sunny and warm summer break? The Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru online gives the meaning of Gorffennaf as Gorffen+haf - the last month of summer. As the days begin to shorten after the June solstice, and June 24 was traditionally mid-summer’s day, that makes sense to me.

Many activities have wound to a close, but there are one or two things continuing during July and August.

The Caffi Cymraeg in Barry Library on Saturday mornings will continue 10-12 in the Philip John room upstairs throughout July and August, but will take a break during the first two Saturdays of September.

The Cylch Siarad will continue to meet as usual on the third Thursday of the month in Barry Wetherspoons (the Sir Samuel Romilly), Broad Street. It’s near the Barry train station (the stop between Barry Island and Barry Docks if you are on the Barry Island train). Visitors are very welcome to join us – we’re usually downstairs and there are usually around seven or eight of us. Cylch Siarad – 10.30-11.30am on Thursday 19th July and Thursday 16th August.

And look out for this summer special….
Cylch Cerdded Cosmeston - We will be walking in Cosmeston country park on the fourth Friday of the month. I think we said meet 2pm in the café at the entrance, and then we’ll stroll if the weather’s clement. Cylch Cerdded Cosmeston – 2pm Friday 27th July and Friday 24th August

Valeways also have a summer programme of Welsh walks.

Crwydro with Valeways as usual on the first Tuesday of the month – 3rd July and 7th August. Meet at 10am outside Coffee Cove for a stroll around Barry Island.

If you would like something more strenuous, there is a Welsh three-booter on Sunday 15th July, billed by Valeways as ‘Ar Lan y Mor – Sand, Sea and Sun’. Meet 2pm Barry train station, Broad Street.

If you miss that one, Valeways offers another Welsh three-booter on Sunday 19th August. Meet at 2pm, Rhoose train station for ‘Gwarchodfa Aberddawan Nature Reserve’.

A three-booter is described as an extended walk, up to 3 hours with many stiles, steps or steep inclines. Please bring drink and a snack. There are other do’s and don’ts on the Valeways website such as NO DOGS, and wear appropriate footwear etc. Please see, or full information about their summer walking programme is here:

And of course, don’t forget the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol comes to Cardiff 3- 11 August. Full information online:

A busy summer – will it be ice-creams all round, or thunderstorms and brollies? If the latter, please remember the old Celtic calendar started on 1st November. Winter was November, December and January. Spring was February, March and April. Summer was May, June and July. Autumn was August, September and October. Well, that’s as far as I know, but any further information welcome.
Please add to this calendar if I have forgotten anything.