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Medi = to reap. With September comes a new year, and the wisdom harvested over the summer. Renewed? Refreshed? Ready? Oh, good. In that case, please let me know if I’ve made any obvious mistakes in the following, or if you’ve heard alternative news as the usual sources seem to be still on holiday.

Cylch Siarad - This will remain as before on third Thursday of the month. We met weekly in August to test out venues. Last Thursday we discussed going back to the YMCA Hub or moving to the Sir Samuel Romilly (Wetherspoons) on Broad Street. It was very quiet and private in the corner tucked away facing Broad Street, and there is a bus stop outside. Can I suggest we move to Wetherspoons, Broad Street, until Christmas and then re-assess?

Cylch Cinio new There was good support for meeting up for lunch once a month. Shall we meet on the second Thursday of the month? Romillys Coffee Shop was suggested, as they do food. Shall I book a table for Thursday 14th September at 12.30pm? Let me know if you’re coming, as their table sizes vary.

Cylch Darllen - Palmerston Centre will be available again for us, Monday nights, weekly, from 18th September.

Cylch Crefft - no news from the library about a room for us, so sadly I think this was a non-runner.

Cymrodorion - Correction. Apparently, last time I said third Thursday of the month. Wrong! Cymrodorion meets 7.15pm prompt on the third Tuesday of the month. I really need some help here, guys. Intermittent help. I have to go round to all the Uwch classes with or without Gareth, to encourage people to use this opportunity to ‘gwrando ar siaradwyr gwadd’ (come and listen to invited speakers).

I desperately need people who have already stepped outside the classroom, people like you, to support others who may be dipping a toe into the world of Welsh. If six people can only come to one meeting each, that’s a great help. There will be a quarter of an hour at the start of the evening to socialise, and encourage newcomers. If you can come to any of the talks, especially Noson y Dysgwyr on 17 October, it will be helping the campaign to get a million speakers of Welsh by mid century. Lifts available. Please get in touch with me if you can support this.

Calendar of What’s On for September in the Barry area - as far as I have it to date. The Menter Bro Morgannwg autumn programme is not advertised yet and I can find only one Valeways walk, for September, online.

Tuesday 5th September - 10am Crwydro with Valeways on Barry Island. Meet outside Coffee Cove as usual.

Thursday 7th September - 10am Foxys - coffee morning in Penarth (organised by Menter Bro Morgannwg)

Saturday 9th September - 10-12 weekly Caffi Cymraeg in the library, in the Philip John room upstairs

Tuesday 12th September - 10am weekly coffee morning in the Tŷ Pwmp (organised by Menter Bro Morgannwg)

Thursday 14th September - 12.30pm Cylch Cinio in Romillys, The Knap - contact me if you’re coming so I know if it’s a table for two or six.

Monday 18th September - 6-7pm Cylch Darllen starts again, and meets weekly in the Palmerston Centre - page 135, Blasu gan Manon Steffan Ros. It is also the start of the new term for Welsh classes.

Tuesday 19th September - 7.15pm Cymrodorion meets in the Vestry of the Tabernacl, King Square (down the outside steps). You can park outside, approaching from the top end of Holton Road. Nick Morgan will speak on “Pam siarad Cymraeg ym Mro Morgannwg?” using his recent PhD research. Ask if you’d like a lift. Come for a taster.

Thursday 21st September - 10.30 - 11.30am Cylch Siarad meets in Wetherspoons (Sir Samuel Romilly), Broad Street. Find us tucked away down the steps and round the corner facing Broad Street. If you can’t find us, go outside and look in the window!



Just had a correction. There will be no official Menter Bro Morgannwg coffee morning at Foxys this coming Thursday.

I am guessing that the Tŷ Pwmp bore coffi is happening next Tuesday - but it only takes one or two to make a conversation so hope to see you there anyway!! There will be more information shortly from Menter Bro Morgannwg, and it’s easy to sign up to their e-newsletter through the Menter Bro Morgannwg website.

The Cylch Cinio at Romillys, The Knap, on Thursday 14th is definitely happening, so let me know if you can join us.


You may have received the latest from Menter Bro Morgannwg - here it is, for those not signed up for their email newsletter.

In Barry, the Pump House coffee morning doesn’t start until Tuesday 19th September, and will meet 11-12. So that confirms there is no coffee morning this Tuesday on 12th September.

In Penarth, the Foxys coffee morning becomes weekly, from Monday 18th September, meeting 11-12…

It’s wonderful to see Menter Bro Morgannwg extending its programme.

Message from Menter Bro Morgannwg

Wyt ti’n dysgu Cymraeg? Cyfle gwych i gwrdd â chyd-ddysgwyr ac ymarfer dy Gymraeg mewn awyrgylch anffurfiol. Croeso i bawb o bob lefel!

Bore Coffi – pob dydd Llun yn dechrau Medi 18fed
11am-12pm @ Foxy’s Deli

Y Barri
Bore Coffi – pob dydd Mawrth yn dechrau Medi 19eg
11am-12pm @ Caffi Academy Espresso Bar, Pumphouse

Y Bontfaen
Bore Coffi – pob dydd Mercher yn dechrau Medi 20fed
11am-12pm @ Gwesty’r Bear

Llanilltud Fawr
Bore Coffi – pob dydd Iau yn dechrau Medi 21ain
11am-12pm, lleoliad i’w gadarnhau

Dysgu a Diod – ar nos Lun cyntaf pob mis
7-8pm @ Old White Hart


News in Brief

Cylch Darllen is 6-7pm in Palmerston tomorrow evening (Monday). Hope to see you there.

Cylch Crefft - news on that to come in the next email… ‘ar y gweill’.

Merched y Wawr - restarts the week after next.

Cymrodorion - Diolch o galon to all those who came and supported the first meeting on 19th September. You made the evening sparkle. Hope to have an even better one on Noson y Dysgwyr, Tuesday 17th October.

Hwyl am y tro


News just in… The Dal Ati team will be ‘down your way’ at the Menter Bro Morgannwg coffee mornings in Barry and Llanilltud Fawr next week.

Tŷ Pwmp (Academi Coffi Bar, Waterfront, Barry) 11-12 on Tuesday 3rd October

Old White Hart, Llanilltud Fawr 11-12 Thursday 5th October


Hai bawb,

Mis Hydref -the month of October. The season, autumn, is hydref with a small ‘h’. Anyone know the origin of the word?

Lots going on, with the beginning of the autumn term. Dal Ati is coming to two Menter Bro Morgannwg coffee mornings next week. They will be filming at the Tŷ Pwmp 11-12 on Tuesday morning, and at the Old White Hart, Llanilltud Fawr, 11-12 on Thursday morning. No compulsion to join in the filming, but go and enjoy if you can.

Reminder - the Menter Bro Morgannwg coffee mornings are now held weekly between 11-12 in four locations. Mondays in Foxys, Penarth; Tuesdays in the Academi Coffee Bar in the Tŷ Pwmp, Waterfront, Barry; Wednesdays at The Bear in Cowbridge; Thursdays in the Old White Hart, Llanilltud Fawr.

Caffi Cymraeg continues weekly in Barry library, 10-12 on Saturday mornings.

Monday 2nd October - Cylch Darllen, weekly. 6-7pm, Palmerston main hall, reading Blasu, by Manon Steffan Ros. We have reached the end of the family doctor’s recollection of our main character, Pegi Glanrafon. Dr Thomas has always had a crush on Pegi (shocking!). He takes her to see the ‘seilam’ in Dinbych where her mother spent many years. Having seen the reality of this institution (1966), he vows never to send Pegi there. Start reading again on Monday, page 150,
Free session, all welcome. We read a page each around the circle, books provided.

Please note: we have been offered the use of a room in Palmerston on Wednesday evenings 6-8pm. Would it be a good idea to move the Cylch Darllen to 6-7pm on Wednesday evenings instead of Mondays? And have the 7-8pm slot for a relaxing ‘bring your hobby’ hour, poshly called ‘Cylch Crefft’? Feedback required, please.

Tuesday 3rd October - Crwydro with Valeways around Barry Island. Meet 10am outside Coffee Cove.
Please note: Ruth has organised two more October walks with Valeways. On Sunday 22nd October at 2pm and Wednesday 25th October at 10am. Find the details on the Valeways website.

Tuesday 3rd October - Merched y Wawr No details yet, except that this is the first meeting of the new year, and starts at 7.30pm in the Tabernacl Vestry. After the clocks change, the venue and/or time may also change. It is usually held in the first week of the month.

Tuesday 17th October - Cymrodorion: Noson y Dysgwyr Starts 7.15pm. Sesiwn Blasu - am ddim (£1 if you want a cup of tea and biscuit). Welcome (mix and meet) - then speaker, then small groups. £6 for the year if you want to join the monthly meetings. Great response on 19th September - thank you very, very much for your support. There were about half and half ‘siaradwyr newydd’ and ‘Cymry Cymraeg’. Venue: Tabernacl Vestry, down the outside steps, King Square, right opposite the old Town Hall/old Library entrance. Parking outside or on the residential streets nearby.

Thursday 19th October - Cylch Siarad 10.30-11.30am Wetherspoons, Broad Street Barry (The Sir Samuel Romilly). Our secret spot is the section facing Broad Street. If you can’t spot us, go back out to Broad Street and wave through the window at us from outside.

Cylch Cinio Last month four of us met up for a lovely lunch at Romillys, the Knap. Food good, noise levels were high as the venue is popular. Good job there were only four of us as they have fitted in too many tables there now to reach the chairs. Any ideas of where to go next? No venue and no date as yet. This is a moveable feast, literally - day, time, place entirely up to you. Feedback required.

Friday 27th October - Gigs Bach y Fro 8pm Steve Eaves and Band, Cogan Coronation Club, Penarth. Cost £10
Come on, folks, who’s up for gigging?? We’re only young once!

Half term dates - Monday 30th October to Friday 3rd November

What have I forgotten to include?? Ah, my thanks to all those whose dosbarthiadau Gareth and I invaded this week, promoting the Ymgyrch i gyrraedd miliwn o siaradwyr Cymraeg erbyn 2050.



Wasn’t it covered by one of the BBC Cymru, Hanes yr Iaith broadcasts, as mentioned in the BBC Cymru thread? I can’t remember the answer.

However, apparently it may or may not be related to “Hydd bref” (lowing stag).


Hey, thanks for that, John. I had the same reply from a friend, and it seems it corresponds to other Celtic languages. I hope my friend won’t mind my quoting from the email:

Irish – Mi Deirdeadh Fomhair
Cornish - Hedra
Breton - Here
Erse – an Damhair (agrave accent on first a)
Welsh - Hydref


Half way through the month and here’s the latest - plus an important question for you:-

Cylch Darllen - meets Monday night 6-7pm at Palmerston on 16th and 23rd October, but Palmerston is closed for half term on 30th October.

Cylch Siarad - meeting 10.30 to 11.30am this Thursday 19th October in Wetherspoons, Broad Street (Sir Samuel Romilly)

Cylch Cinio - the next Cylch Cinio will not be until November, date and venue to be decided.

Cylch Crefft and Cylch Darllen - We have a very generous offer from Palmerston to use one of their rooms free of charge between 6-7 for the Cylch Darllen and 7-8 for the Cylch Crefft. Do we take up this offer? Do we switch the Cylch Darllen from Monday night to Wednesday to fit in with this? We need to decide and start this after half term (week beginning 6th November)

Why? This is a chance to build up numbers so the Palmerston Centre can again offer a Welsh Night once a week. At first, the second hour would just be an opportunity for us to meet up as friends to have a quiet hour together for hobbies like crochet, adult colouring books scrabble etc - bring your favourite. Possibly expanding to have a tutor if enough people justify it in the future.

As far as the Cylch Darllen is concerned, Wednesday would mean a quieter experience for reading. We do have to endure a certain amount of noise meeting in the general hall at the moment. Of course, if someone wanted to come for both hours and spend the first hour listening to us read while they knitted or whatever, that’s a great idea for tuning into the rhythms of the language.

Wednesdays would be an experiment for one year only - until next June. Then we’d assess whether it would continue. If some of the existing Monday group cannot switch to Wednesday, we have the option of keeping two reading groups going for this one year. If you want to see this experiment start in November, please email/message/post me.


7.15pm Tuesday 17th October - Noson y Dysgwyr. Dewch yn llu! Great opportunity to meet up with other Welsh speakers and learners. Down the outside steps for the Tabernacl Vestry, King Square. Come early if you like. Free evening (£1 for cup of tea and biscuit) thereafter £6 for the year’s membership.

Hwyl am y tro,


Mis Tachwedd ar y gorwel… Calan Gaeaf (Halloween) is almost here – the first day of winter. Calan is the first day of the month or festival and the old custom was for a day to end/begin at sunset not midnight. Any other snippets to cheer our winter chill?

Diolch o Galon to the many came to Cymrodorion’s Noson y Dysgwyr on 17th October. It was a lively night, all that could have been hoped for. Who’s up for coming to the next one on 21st November?

Here’s the calendar:
Cylch Darllen is cancelled tomorrow 23rd October as so many of us will be away.

Wednesday 25th October – 10am Valeways Welsh walking. ‘Perlau Cudd Penarth’. Meet Penarth railway station CF64 3DQ for a refreshing two-booter. See the Valeways website.

Friday 27th October – 8pm Gigs Bach y Fro Steve Eaves and Band, Cogan Coronation Club, Penarth. Cost £10 Contact Menter Bro Morgannwg to reserve your ticket.

Half term: Monday 30 October – Friday 3 November

Then it all kicks off for November!
Cylch Darllen – There will be no Cylch Darllen on Monday 6th November, the usual group will now meet on Wednesdays. However… I am willing to continue to do ‘something’ related to reading on Mondays 6-7pm. Would anyone like help with pronounciation? Group reading? Please let me know your thoughts.

Monday 6th November 2.15pm Merched y Wawr meet in Palmerston. Dr Elin Jones will speak about her own Gwenhwyseg dialect.

Tuesday 7th November 10am Crwydro with Valeways. Meet outside Coffee Cove, Barry Island.

Wednesday 8th November 6-7pm The Cylch Darllen has moved to Wednesdays. Meet in the Lilac Room (Ystafell Lelog), Palmerston. We’ll continue reading Blasu by Manon Steffan Ros, starting at the bottom of page 203.

Wednesday 8th November 7-8pm Cylch Crefft. First of the weekly sessions. Meeting in the Lilac Room/Ystafell Lelog, Palmerston. Bring your hobby (not trombone, please!) for a relaxing hour with friends. There will be Scrabble available. This is a small experiment but Palmerston is ready to pay for an occasional tutor if we have a project in mind (eg book folding?) or a regular tutor once a month. Only possible if enough people start to turn up, of course. Can we do it?? Many thanks to those who have contacted me.

Thursday 9th November 1-3pm Cwrs Tipyn o Bopeth begins, with Carol Grant in Barry Library (usually not expensive, usually around 5 weeks, suitable for level Uwch 4 and less confident Welsh speakers)

Friday 10th November 12.30? Cylch Cinio? Who’s free to come for lunch in Barry Wetherspoons? To be confirmed, but pencil it in, please.

Wednesday 15th November 6-7 and 7-8 Cylch Darllen, Cylch Crefft, Lilac/Lelog room, Palmerston.

Thursday 16th November 10.30-11.30am Cylch Siarad meets in Barry Wetherspoons as before.

Tuesday 21st November 7.15pm Cymrodorion meets in the Tabernacl Vestry. Speaker is Dr Glenda Jones ‘Y Siwrne Greadigol’ – once executive producer of Pobol y Cwm, amongst other things.

Wednesday 22nd November 10.15am Valeways Welsh walking, ‘Trwyn y Rhws’. Meet Rhoose railway station for a two booter. See the Valeways website.

Wednesday 22nd and Wednesday 29th November 6-8pm Cylch Darllen and Cylch Crefft.

Other weekly events:
The Caffi Cymraeg is in Barry library on Saturday mornings 10-12

The Menter Bro Morgannwg coffee mornings are 11-12 in four locations. Mondays in Foxys, Penarth; Tuesdays in the Academi Coffee Bar in the Tŷ Pwmp, Waterfront, Barry; Wednesdays at The Bear in Cowbridge; Thursdays in the Cafe Velo, Llanilltud Fawr.

Advance notice: There is a WEA course being planned for February, meeting in Wenvoe, centred on stories from the Mabinogi – using the 1984 adaptation by Gwyn Thomas to look at useful structures of the Welsh language. Beautiful illustrations by Margaret Jones. Tutor – Carol Grant.

Phew! That’s enough for now.


There was a great launch for this new Welsh language novel, last Thursday evening in the ballroom of the Bear Hotel, Cowbridge. My good friend Gareth Thomas has been buried under a mountain of copious source material and scribbling away happily in English for many months, fictionalising the fascinating early life of Iolo Morganwg.

We were treated to professional readings of extracts on Thursday, by Eiry Palfrey and Danny Grehan. Gareth emphasised that his part was only to ‘join the dots’ because so many of Iolo’s letters have survived to tell his own tale.

The original English version of Gareth’s book is not yet released, but the Welsh translation is available now from Y Lolfa, price £9.99 for a chunky 384 pages.

Completely independently of the above, Menter Bro Morgannwg has been instrumental in compiling a Heritage Project about Iolo Morganwg over the past year. Iolo came from around the Cowbridge area, and this complex character is very much ‘one of us’ in the Vale. There is an invitation to come to hear about this heritage project in Barry Library on 7th December - see the next post.


As we say ‘Hwyl fawr’ to the ‘mis du’ (Tachwedd), we race towards the shortest day of the year in ‘mis Rhagfyr’ and then out the other side. Every good wish to you all, celebrating at this special time of year as the light dims then begins to return.

Term dates: The term ends on 15th December. The new 2018 term begins on 8 January (half term 19-23 February) and ends 30 March.

The Menter Bro Morgannwg coffee mornings are 11-12 in four locations. Mondays in Foxys, Penarth; Tuesdays in the Academi Coffee Bar in the Tŷ Pwmp, Waterfront, Barry; Wednesdays at The Bear in Cowbridge; Thursdays in the Cafe Velo, Llanilltud Fawr. To confirm when these are meeting over the Chrismas period, please contact Ffion (

Monday 27 November - 6-7pm Cylch Ymarfer Darllen in the main hall, Palmerston Centre. Come along if you want to practise reading aloud with me and have a bit more help with ‘deall’ than in the Wednesday session.

Tuesday 28 November - 11-12 don’t forget Tuesdays are Barry’s weekly Menter Bro Morgannwg ‘bore coffi’ in the Academi, Tŷ Pwmp, Barry Waterfront.

Tuesday 28 November 7.15pm Cymrodorion in the Tabernacl Vestry, King Square, down the outside steps, .
The speaker, Dr Glenda Jones, previously executive producer of Pobol y Cwm, will talk about ‘Y Siwrne Greadigol’. A great chance to ‘cymdeithasu’ with us and get used to listening to different people.

Wednesday 29 November 6-7pm Cylch Darllen, in the Stafell Gyfarfodydd, Palmerston Centre, Cadoc Crescent. Reading ‘ar goedd’ (out loud) in a circle. Page 251 of Blasu by Manon Steffan Ros (book provided). Followed by Cylch Crefft 7-8pm in the same room. Scrabble has mainly been the activity of choice up to now, but come and learn to crochet, or bring any other hobby. All the Cylch activities are run by volunteers at no cost to you.

Thursday 30 November - 7pm ‘Croeso Penarth’ Concert. This is a really lovely opportunity to hear Côr Canna, who have a good track record as eisteddfod competitors and winners. Stanwell Road Baptist Church/Eglwys Bedyddwyr Heol Stanwell. Tickets are available on the door or from Griffin Books £6 adult/£4 child. Or phone 02920-706455.

Saturday 2 December - 10am -1pm Gweithdai Nadolig/Christmas workshops at the Palmerston Centre. Details from Palmerston: 01446 730402
Saturday 2 December - 10-12 Caffi Cymraeg The weekly session will meet in Barry Library as usual in the Philip John Room upstairs.

Monday 4th December - 6-7pm Cylch Ymarfer Darllen.

Tuesday 5th December 10am Crwydro The monthly chance to wander around Barry Island with Valeways on the first Tuesday of the month. Meet outside Coffee Cove, near Hypervalue.

Wednesday 6th December 6-7pm Cylch Darllen, 7-8pm Cylch Crefft, Palmerston Centre.

Thursday 7th December 10am-1pm in Barry Library “Casgliad y Werin” in the Philip John room upstairs. No charge and light refreshments provided. Come and find out all you ever wanted to know about this online resource, how to upload your own contribution, and learn about the Bro Morgannwg project ‘Iolo ar Daith’. Numbers are limited, so register with Ffion ( if you’re interested.

Saturday 9th December - 10-12 in Barry library, Caffi Cymraeg This will be a Scrabble session, or just come and chat if you prefer.

Monday 11 December 6-7pm Cylch Ymarfer Darllen, and
Wednesday 13th December 6-7 Cylch Darllen, 7-8 Cylch Crefft These are the last ones of the term. Hopefully we’ll finish Blasu and start a new novel in January, if people want to continue.

End of term - 15 December

Tuesday 19th December - Cymrodorion will make their annual visit to Ysgol Bro Morgannwg for the Christmas performance. Tickets available, but not sure of price yet.

Wednesday 20th December - 10am Naws y Nadolig two-boot walk with Valeways (yes I know you all walk with two boots on! This, for the uninitiated means it’s not as hard as a three-boot walk but harder than a one-boot walk. Details on the Valeways website) Meet at Cowbridge library, CF71 7RQ. Followed by lunch at the Red Fox, Penllyn, but ring Ruth to confirm your place on 07800-969157

Thursday 21st December - There will be NO Cylch Siarad, allowing us time to rush round preparing for Christmas. But please email me if you’re interested in a Cylch Cinio and accompanying Spice Circle* between Christmas and New Year. How about Friday 29th December 12.30 in Wetherspoons again? Other suggestions welcome.

*Spice Circle is the table for non-Welsh speaking partners and friends.

Calan Rhagfyr - 1st December
Calan Nadolig - Yuletide
Y Nadolig - the Nativity, Christmas
Noswyl Nadolig - Christmas Eve
Dydd Nadolig - Christmas Day
Gŵyl San Steffan - Boxing Day
Nos Ystwyll - Twelfth Night



Nadolig Llawen i bawb,

Here’s a quick reminder - there is no Cylch Siarad this month (too near Christmas). However, we hope you will be able to join us for one of our ‘pop-up’ Cylch Cinio get togethers instead. It’s on Friday 29th December at 12.30 in Wetherspoons, Broad Street, Barry (the Sir Samuel Romilly), near Barry Broad Street railway station and bus stops.

At the moment there are at least five of us going, three Welsh speakers and two on the ‘English’ table, so please feel free to bring a partner if they don’t speak Welsh.

Tonight is the last Cylch Darllen and Cylch Crefft at Palmerston before Christmas, so see you later at 6-7pm or 7-8pm.


Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i bawb!
Look out for Y Fari Lwyd around Friday 12th, the time of the old Welsh New Year (yr Hen Galan). It is often celebrated in both Cowbridge and Cardiff, but I don’t have details yet.

Tuesday 2nd January 10am - Crwydro with Valeways. Meet outside Coffee Cove, Barry Island for a stroll and coffee.

Saturday 6th January 2.30pm - Three-boot Welsh walk with Valeways. Ar Drywydd Iolo Trail starts from Neuadd y Dref, y Bontfaen. See the website for full details.

Saturday 6th January - 10-12 noon. Caffi Cymraeg restarts after the Christmas break in the Philip John Room, Barry Library (weekly)

Wednesday 10th January 6-7pm Cylch Darllen in the Meeting Room, Palmerston Centre, followed by 7-8pm Cylch Crefft

Tuesday 16th January 7.15pm Cymrodorion in the Tabernacl Vestry, King Square. “Iolo Morgannwg a’r Taplasau Haf” - Sgwrs gan Rhodri Jones.

Wednesday 17th January 6-7pm Cylch Darllen followed 7-8pm Cylch Crefft (as above) in the Palmerston Centre

Thursday 18th January Cylch Siarad - 10.30 to 11.30 Meets at Wetherspoons, Sir Samuel Romilly, Broad Street, Barry for a chat over coffee.

Friday 19th January (to be confirmed by Mared) Dathliad Canol Gaeaf - Palmerston

Wednesday 24th January 10am Two-boot Welsh walk with Valeways. Start at Cosmeston Visitor Centre.
Wednesday 24th January 6-7pm Cylch Darllen followed 7-8pm Cylch Crefft (as above) in the Palmerston Centre

---- Thursday 25th January - St Dwynwen’s Day ----

Saturday 27th January Sadwrn Siarad - y Bontfaen

Wednesday 31st January - 6-7pm Cylch Darllen followed 7-8pm Cylch Crefft (as above)

Reminder: the Menter Bro Morgannwg coffee mornings are 11-12 in four locations. Mondays in Foxys, Penarth; Tuesdays in the Academi Coffee Bar in the Tŷ Pwmp, Waterfront, Barry; Wednesdays at The Bear in Cowbridge; Thursdays in the Cafe Velo, Llanilltud Fawr. To confirm when these restart after Christmas, please contact Ffion (

That’s the bare bones of the month, but hopefully there will be news of more coming through.
Hwyl am y tro,


It’s a busy week…

The Menter Bro Morgannwg coffee mornings restart this week, Tuesdays in Barry as usual at the Academi, Tŷ Pwmp 11-12.

Cymrodorion is this Tuesday (16th) at 7.15 in the Tabernacl Vestry - don’t miss this chance to hear a talk - Iolo Morganwg a’r Taplasau Haf.

On Wednesday evening, the Cylch Darllen starts a new novel (6pm in the Palmerston Centre), so if you have hesitated up to now, why not join us? All levels welcome to come and have a go at reading aloud. Followed by the Cylch Crefft at 7pm.

Cylch Siarad is this Thursday in Wetherspoons, Barry - 10.30 to 11.30am.

On Friday evening, 19th January, there is a free Midwinter Parti Canol Gaeaf in the Palmerston Centre 18.30-20.30pm, including folk dancing, a chance to encounter y Fari Lwyd and make a Santes Dwynwen card for 25th January. Ring Palmerston on 01446 730402 for any further details, or pick up a leaflet from the Palmerston Centre.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Sadwrn Siarad in Cowbridge on 27th January if you intend going .

Lastly, here’s something different. Martin Hoyland of 9Bach is looking for groups of dysgwyr who’d like to meet up to discuss the Welsh music scene. See the discussion elsewhere on the forum. Let me know if you’re interested in holding something in Barry or joining up with others in Cardiff or similar.


I will hopefully make the cylch darllen later. It will be great to try and read a Welsh book.


Great, look forward to seeing you there.


It was really good to have your company this evening, Phil.


I had a great night thank you. What a fabulous book club. Looking forward to understanding one day soon what I actually read and heard.
I shall purchase a book to practice with this weekend.
Diolch eto.


You were a dab hand at the Welsh Scrabble afterwards! I’ll send a dwyieithog summary of the chapter out to book club members over the weekend - private message me with your email address if you’d like to be included. Hwyl a diolch.