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Bath SSiW Meetup Group


A few of us have found each other in Bath and will be meeting for the first time on 7th August at 11 am in All Bar One in Bath. Others welcome to join us. We can be flexible about timings in future if anyone else is interested. Look forward to seeing you there


Next meetup for the Bath group will be Friday 23rd August at 11 a.m. in All Bar One on the High St in Bath opposite the Guildhall - all welcome


Hi @karynyeeking! Sorry, I missed this for the last newsletter, but I’ve spotted it now and put it in tomorrow’s. Can you tag me and let me know if it’s going to become something regular and you’d like it adding to the list in the newsletter. Diolch :slight_smile:


Dim problem @Deborah-SSi - we’re hoping it will be a regular meetup but working on timings at moment due to ohr different commitments. The date has changed again and is now on August 15th at 3.30 at All Bar One in Bath. Hspoy for anyone to message me with questions etc. Karyn


And yes haply to be included in newsletter but probabky best to check with me via message to check dates and times etc


If you want a mention for the Bath meet up in our ‘papur bro’ ‘Llais y Derwent’ then let me know. Past copies are available online as pdf files at Pob hwyl Jonathan


Thanks @jonathan_simcock_7 - will take you up on that when we’re a little more established


Next Bath meetup will be at 11.30 on Friday 6th September in All Bar One in Centre of Bath. All welcome or message me with questions etc


@Deborah-SSi please see above


Any date for October @karynyeeking ?


Hi @Deborah-SSi no date set yet but there will be a meeting- could you ask people to get in touch with me directly please


Helo @karynyeeking - just wondering if you have anything definite for the newsletter yet :slight_smile:


Bore da @karynyeeking! Any new dates for the meetup group for 2020, for the newsletter/weekly email? Diolch. :slight_smile:


Bit late noticing this but I live in Bath and would be up to try out a meetup if it gets going this year, Diolch


Hi Rich not at all late - we’ve only met a few times and had a bit of a lull over Xmas. Struggling to be honest with all our work schedules and my welsh has suffered as result. We have a Bath WhatsApp group going if you’re interested. This is my email if you want to get in touch with your phone number and can add you to group. Your addition may be the impetus to get us going again
Heyl fawr


Sorry email is


Hi,I live in East Bristol and would be interested in a Bath SSIW meet up too! Sian


Drop me a line Sian with your tel number and I’ll add you to our WhatsApp group and get a new date sorted


Thank you! It is 07811996148. Hope to meet with you to siarad Cymraeg in due course! Diolch yn fawr! Sian


Good luck @karynyeeking and co with the Bath group. If you manage to get it up and running again on a regular basis, just tag me in a message with all the details and I’ll make sure it goes in the weekly email. Or add the details to this thread. :slight_smile: