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Beginners Hangout: Weds 14th 7pm


Hi All,

I will be hosting a hangout specifically for beginners on Wednesday 14th November at 7pm on

This will be specifically for those who are quite new to the language.

Would love to see a few people there!


S’mae Nicky,
This is perfect for me. As a Welshman living in England I had almost given up on learning Welsh as I cannot get to lessons. I was convinced there must be other people in my situation so I went to the Eisteddfod in Cardiff to see if I could find a suitable course.
Everybody recommended SSiW and in particular mentioned your success with the system.
I have been working my way through level one since August and am now on challenge 14.
I am amazed at the progress I am making but as yet I haven’t had the opportunity to practice speaking Welsh.
I will send my email tonight to join Slack and hope to join your group on 14th


Excellent news!

Try and use Chrome as your Web browser if you can. Log in about 10 minutes before 7pm and I’ll open the hangout up a bit earlier for anyone to get themselves technically connected and all of that :slight_smile: