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Best S4C programmes for learners?


Yeah very normal these days. All refs are miked up above a certain level (nothing to do with TV coverage).

Sgorio is a good programme if you like football and if you’re interested in the Brifadran Cymru.

Noson Lawen is good if you enjoy music, and comedy.


Is the ref’s voice played over loudspeakers for the crowd, as well as for TV viewers? Sounds fun.
I’m not really a football or rugby fan, but I must say, this sounds like it would add an extra dimension of entertainment that might make it worth following (especially with a colourful referee like Nige sounds to be).


No, in my experience, he/she isn’t connected to the PA system.


You can buy a ref mic thing that allows you to listen when you’re in the stadium. They’re not put across the PA though.


This is not really relevant, but if a programme showing Richard Harrington (of Y Gwyll fame) following his grandfather’s footsteps to Spain and learning of the unequal conflict between Dictator Franco, supplied and financed by fellow fascists in Germany and Italy, and ordinary Spanish folk with volunteers from many countries armed with relics from WW1 or even the Napoleonic Wars, if this programme ever gets made in Welsh, it is well worth watching. Clearly I do not personally remember the Spanish Civil War of 1936-37, but I knew exiles still living in UK until Franco died in 1973, if not longer, still mourning for democracy in their homeland.
The programme I watched, recorded from BBC2 Wales on Saturday evening is probably still available on iPlayer. “Richard Harrington: My Grandfather’s War.”
I was ashamed that my own dad, born in September 1917, waited until 1938 to join up ready to fight fascism. but of course, you were not ‘adult’ in those days until you were 21, so maybe his family could have stopped him going to Spain, which the British Government had forbidden Brits to do!!


Really good special edition of Heno last night: Everest: Steff a Daf. Steff and Daf trace the steps of Edmund Hilary via Snowdonia to Kathmandu then on to base camp. Stunning views of North Wales and Nepal.


That, surely, will turn up on Dal Ati on Sunday!


Not this Sunday Osian Roberts and Lowri Morgan are doing a series of meeting young Welsh sports stars.


On line it is then, but I may not watch as I like big screen for that sort of program!


Not sure about learners but I am about to recommend to,What’s outside followers Taith Iolo a Pws i St. Kilda. I have Jac st been watching what I recorded on Wednesday, and there was a corncrake, which Iolo says is now extinct in Wales. I was shocked. “Some older viewers will remember tham,” he said, and I do, along with bog cotton, which I did not think was rare. They haven’t even reached St.Kilda yet! More memories to come for me and revelations to those younger!


if you like nature programmes, try Trefi Gwyllt Iolo, with Iolo finding wild life in towns, and maybe even cities!


I watched Tudor Owens program today and really enjoyed it. He was in Nefyn, Pen Llŷn looking to help a group of young people bring back a business based around a milk-round. Subtitles are available, but I understood most of it, although anyone can always improve their vocab, first-language speaker or not…


I’ve been watching Tudur Owen’s programmes too. There have been others on opening a clothing company and fishmongers. And I was surprised at how much I could understand. I really like Tudur Owen. His radio show and English language comedy (he was on the Now Show towards the end of March) is brilliant. Haven’t quite tracked down his comedy stuff in Welsh yet.


Watching 'Run Sbit, recorded ddoe. Nice to see Dinas Dinlle. Used to go there with my ‘Auntie’ when visiting her. Remember it well!


New (I think) program, “America Gaeth a’r Cymru” Dr.Jerry Hunter looking at connections between Wales and slavery in the USA. Of course, I’d prefer there were none, but some Welsh Americans owned slaves, so… I cannot tell anyone about the program yet, but it’s at 3.05 p.m. this afternoon.
Edit- watched it, no surprises but a good coverage of nasty truth we’d prefer not to know! More to follow next week.
More edit, To @siaronjames I started to suspect this was a repeat, due to time of showing. I think it may have been shown in 2006. Is that so?


yes, it’s definitely one of our older ones, though I can’t remember when it first aired (not one I worked on!) - I wouldn’t have thought it was before 2012 though, as the licensing terms are usually only for 5 years.


@sarapeacock mentioned ‘Garddio a Mwy’ way back in the thread - so thought I’d mention the new series starts tonight at 8.25 :slight_smile:


Diolch! I’m glad it is being repeated as I don’t think I was watching anything but YSioe Frenhinol and Eisteddfod Genedlaethol on S4C back then!


I want to second (or third) the motion for everyone to watch Garddio a Mwy tonight (soon). The accent of the two main presenters and Meinir Gwilym in her slot are absolutely perfect for anyone doing the northern course. This is my favourite S4C program to practice my listening skills.


Thanks for the recommendation of Garddio a Mwy. I’ve been looking for something nice to watch since Anita finished. I’ll watch it on Clic later in the week. I’m looking forward to it already :slight_smile: