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Best S4C programmes for learners?


I enjoyed that a lot more than I thought I would (gardening hasn’t really captured me). That was really good and very interesting! Diolch yn fawr!
Meinir’s garden looked amazing!


I know the OP was asking for S4C programmes, but if any northern learners want further listening practice, another good bet is Gari Wyn on Radio Cymru on Mondays at 12:00. Although in principle his guests could come from any part of Wales, he seems to spend most of his time in the north, and he himself is a northern speaker. Today’s guest comes from Pen Llŷn, I believe.


I checked - and you were absolutely right, @henddraig, 2006 was the first run. Curious. I’d only just started with the company then, so maybe the 5-year duration is a more recent thing.


So Jerry Hunter was making great TV before he won the Prose Medal in 2010? That’s when I first heard of him!
This underlines how much I lost for years by living a monoglot life! And that was, if anything, even more true when I was living in Wales, because S4C was so hard to get on Gower.


Please note, real life politics in the Senedd and on the election ‘stump’ in a new series, New O’r Senedd at 10.00 pm. tonight.


NB Jonathan is back! Dydd Gwener (Friday) 9.00 pm. S4C.


This is not about a programme but a plan! The Welsh Assembly Government want 1 million speakers. They see the value of S4C in achieving this. A Report has been published, see Senedd Committee Report thread. Money definitely needs to be restored, but anything we can do to support S4C and Radio Cymru is useful! Contacting your MP may help!
Managed a link , click here!


Nigel Owens, Wyt ti’n Gêm, fun and taking the…er…out of various well known folk, starting heno with Nia Parry! Enjoy!


Did anyone else see the program about the 50th birthday of Merched y Wawr? 50 Pen-blwydd Hapus Merched y Wawr. I suppose men may not be interested, but all of you young ladies who think it is only for the aged like me, well the reporters were young and had fun and there is now an offshoot for younger women too! It might well be a good way to get some conversation practice in Welsh to go along to a meeting. I used to go to WI on Gower and we did some fun things! I expect the program will be on iPlayer and on line.


Totally agree with this.

I have to say, I generally prefer the programmes not aimed at learners. New bilingual series started this week, ‘Bang’, good if you like a dark crime drama;


Thanks for mentioning Bang!
I will watch again next week, but I did find it a bit weird. What did others think?


We haven’t watched that yet. The problem is, we don’t settle to watch TV until around 9 pm, by which time my brain is tired out and watching a serious drama in Welsh is difficult. We may give Bang! a try, but we need to watch it on an night we settle in front of the TV a bit earlier.

The programmes we like are the shorter, factual ones. Favourites include 3 Lle, 100 Lle and 4 Wal. We like seeing the places we recognise and 3 Lle is particularly interesting because of the associations the person of the week has with each place.


I’ll agree with weird.


Tri lle

Rhaglen ardderchog am tr lle . Mae tri lle wedi cael dylanwad mawr ar y bywyd o y gwesteion


Hi Alan, and a very warm welcome to the forum… :slight_smile:

Just in case you haven’t seen the discussions, we’ve got a long standing rule that (apart from the ‘Be dach chi’n gwneud?’ practice thread) we post in English or with a translation, to make sure that the forum always feels entirely open and welcoming even to learners on their first day… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


It may have been a repeat, but if you are female and do not know who Frances Hoggan was, or are in anyway interested in the first woman to actually gain a medical degree (from outside UK, as no female could do so inside UK), not Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, who did so just slightly later but was accepted sooner! Frances did actually practice medicine but spent more time trying to get education for both sexes! She campaigned for the rights of the black Americans…she was ‘one hell of a girl’ and I just wish I’d know about her before I reached 75 going on 76! On S4C, Mamwlad gyda Ffion Hague last night!


Another programme we enjoy is the quiz show Celwydd Noeth. Nia Roberts is lovely with the contestants and she speaks really clearly. You also have the challenge of trying to spot the lie amongst the truths and the questions usually have a Welsh slant too, so it’s good for improving one’s Welsh general knowledge.

There’s a new series on at the moment and of course you can watch it on the S4C catch up.


I just watched Huw Edwards Datganoli 20. I’ll be honest I just intended to watch 5 mins to see what his Welsh speaking voice was like (answer, beautiful and clear clear as you might expect). But it was really interesting, he travels all around Wales and meets some great people and business owners to see what the effect of devolution has been on education, public services and businesses. Plus you get a nice tour of some sights in Wales.


Diolch, @KateM I wasn’t sure whether to recommend this as it could be seen as political and most people don’t like politics. Now I know that even people who are usually not grabbed by such programs can like this one! Huw Edwards’ accent is the sort of South Wales one of which I am most fond - oh, that and Port Talbot!


Thanks @henddraig, it is political of course and certainly the business owners were all very worried about the effect of Brexit.

My Dad was brought up in Port Talbot during the war. His mother didn’t raise him speaking Welsh sadly, although she spoke it as a child. My husband and I went back this summer to see the little terraced house where he lived, and my aunt’s house which I remember so well from childhood.

I haven’t watched Bang yet as I am waiting to watch it with my husband - I tend to have welsh programmes on the ipad when cooking or ironing or having lunch if working from home.