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Best S4C programmes for learners?


Oh dear. He is so good at villains, I shall be presuming ‘bent cop’ until proved otherwise. I have Ep2 recorded!


One of the things we found out last night (not really a spoiler) is that the character, Faith (as well as the actor who plays her) was also not originally a Welsh speaker. We saw a flashback to their 10th wedding anniversary, and Evan was celebrating the fact (among other things), that she was now a fluent Welsh speaker. All the family cheered. I thought that was rather interesting.

Edit: and the lady I thought was “Iris” from “Rownd a Rownd” definitely isn’t Iris after all (although she may be a Gog…haven’t heard her enough to be sure). (This is Evan’s mam / Tom’s wife).


Yes, Eve learned Welsh for this series, although she wanted to already and her husband speaks Welsh and their children will go to Ysgol Gymraeg. I knew her from Torchwood and an old series, the name of which I have forgotten. It was about a very odd community in Gogledd Cymru somewhere where famous art had been stored in the mountain during the War. I recall very little except that people supposed to have lived there and nowhere elsefor years had accents from everywhere from Carmarthen to Ruthin and all points between!


The village was Manod, near Blaenau Ffestiniog. Art from the National Gallery was actually stored underground in the slate quarry there during WW2. My ex-partner was also in the show, and he - gog through and through - was very upset about the accents! There is archive footage of the paintings being taken there, which we’ve used in one of our series, but I forget where I licensed the footage from - possibly the Imperial War Museum I think.


Would it not have been the National Gallery or the Tate where the pictures came from? Thank you so much for knowing what I had forgotten. It seems a long while since that series was on!


yep, National Gallery. and it was a while ago - 2009 it was released (so filmed about 2007/8 I think). It was called ‘Framed’ and also starred Trevor Eve. :slight_smile:


Watching France v All Blacks mid-week. 8mins France doing not at all badly!


I’m enjoying Un Bore Mercher. Would people have been able to tell Eve Myles is not mam-iaith? I would assume in most cases other first language people can tell, but I guess with an existing Welsh accent, voice coaches and a script to follow actors might be able to pull it off?

I hope they keep some Welsh in the English version - I’d like to see them do the home scenes with kids and immediate family in Welsh.

Did anyone watch the whole of Bang? I’ve watched a couple but have not been massively gripped, is it worth persevering?


I would not have guessed, for what it’s worth. Yes, I’m sure having a Welsh accent in the first place must help.

(But then compare with Ifor ap Glyn, who speaks English with barely a trace of a Welsh accent - he was not born in Wales, of course - and I assume his Welsh is as good as Mam-iaith).


Welsh is his mam-iaith - his family are 1st language Welsh speakers.


Hi Siaron. My wife, Glenda just wants to that she enjoyed the drama, framed.


Hi Kate. Lets just say that some scenes weren’t exactly family viewing, so be warned :slight_smile:

We have just started watching Un bore Mercher tonight and it is much better.


There’s a scene (which maybe you’ve seen by now) in which we realise that Eve’s character Faith is supposed to be fluent rather than mam-iaith.

And yes, I watched all of Bang, and liked it - but I’m liking this better.


The bits where the blind sister drove while the sighted one yelled directions were what fascinated me!


Llais a lli. Welsh version of the Irish animation Song of the Sea. Absolutely beautiful film full of Celtic myth and even more magical for being I’m Welsh. Can’t comment on accents or actors but I followed bits of it at least! I’d recommend with or without children. Actually quite like to buy a copy of this but don’t know where/if/it will be available.


Is it still playable? I think it may have lapsed. i can’t get it to play on any site I’ve found so far!


No luck here either. :slight_frown:


Ahh that’s a shame! I only watched it the other day. Hopefully it’ll be back again, it’s wonderful. After watching it I was surprised it wasn’t more known about. The English version is currently on Amazon Prime if that’s of interest to anyone. Obviously not as good!!


Yes, the children’s programmes are a good place to start. It works for me, anyway - my comfort zone!


I don’t know how I missed this programme , if anyone sees it listed as returning, please PM me!