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Best S4C programmes for learners?


Hello Nora, I just checked the S4C website and wasn’t able to find Un Bore Mercher at all… dim o gwbl. Were you watching on iPlayer? iPlayer doesn’t have welsh subtitles, only english.


Yes, on iplayer. That explains that, then. Diolch


I had no idea Un Bore Mercher was on in Welsh! I found on on this latest series. I watched a few episodes in Welsh then watched them all in English. Was funny becasue I had a moment where I couldn’t grasp the English my brain was confused. I just this week decided to try and learn welsh again.

I only stopped watching in Welsh because I was trying to listen and pick up words I knew and also read the English so I couldn’t concentrate on the programme.


I’m really enjoying watching ‘Codi Pac’ at the moment. As it features a different part of Wales each week, it’s great for picking up different accents and dialetcs. I’ve watched the last two episodes without subtitles and have been surprised at how much I’ve understood.


Just been searching to see if this is still available. So funny! Unfortunately, it seems not :disappointed:


Try this link @jason-dickinson. Seems there might be a few still avaiable


Diolch, Jenny. I meant to post that comment as a reply to the one about Llanifeiliad though. SO funny!
BUT I am definitely going to watch this - looks great.


Bwyd Epic Chris is absolutely brilliant for learners as he uses a lot of english words when he speaks Cofi. What’s also awesome is his recipes and general character on screen; my mouth was watering when I watched the Findus chrispy pancakes episode. It’s the first tv show where I don’t walk away thinking that I only understood half of what went on haha.


Am Dro is a good programme with the added bonus of some great scenery of course. There’s a one off celebrity special and the first series on S4C at the moment.

I watched the Christmas special of Adre recently which is about people who go to extremes with their decorations at home. Pretty jaw dropping stuff actually. Recommended.

I’ve also been watching the repeats of C’Mon Midffild which probably raises a smile rather than being laugh out loud. The scene with Wali sitting on Mr Picton’s knee while he plays Santa in the Christmas special was pretty funny.


Noticed last night that the first programme of the new Am Dro! series is on the player now.


Has anyone watched the reruns of C’mon Midffild! ? It’s described as a ‘classic comedy’. I wouldn’t say it makes me laugh out loud but it’s quite watchable and has its chucklesome moments. Someone told me it’s regarded as a bit Marmite… you either love or hate it. What do others think?


Great prog


Gonna sound like a grumpy old man -
Do I need a TV licence to only watch S4C on demand: Clic? Not sure if it’s classed as a BBC or Channel 4 product. @siaronjames do you happen to know, Siaron. Or @rob


It’s not classed as BBC or Channel 4, but it depends how you watch.
You need a TV licence if you watch or record live TV on any channel, or through any provider.
You don’t need one if you don’t watch any live TV and you only ever watch on demand or catch up programmes on services other than BBC iPlayer.
So you don’t need a licence to watch S4C TV on demand but you will need a licence if you watch or record S4C programmes as they’re being shown on TV or live on an online TV service, or you download or watch S4C programmes on iPlayer – live, catch up or on demand. This applies to any device and provider you use.


Mae cyfres newydd o Iaith ar Daith ar S4C nawr. Mae rhaglen cyntaf gyda Steve Backshall. Gwnaeth e’n dda ar ol dim ond dechrau un mis cyn y rhaglen.


Coming soon!
A series that kept me busy last year will be airing soon on S4C and I hope you’ll all enjoy it.
‘Cymru, Dad a Fi’ will start on S4C at 8.25pm on April 6th (and be on Clic/iPlayer for 35 days after each broadcast).


Just watched the excellent Terfysg yn y Bae o’n S4C on iPlayer - programme about the Cardiff race riots of 1919. Contains some pretty strong racist language in some of the historical accounts, inevitably, but also tries to contextualise it with BLM & a more inclusive, celebratory attitude to the subsequent history & culture of the area.
The presenter speaks Southern Welsh (of course) nice & slowly, although there are chunks where he’s interviewing people who are non-Welsh speaking in English. The younger Welsh speakers he interviews speak slightly faster but pretty clearly, with only a light sprinkling of Wenglish; some of the archive footage is slightly harder, but there isn’t much of it.
In terms of representation (nothing about us without us) the presenter & most of the interviewees are all mixed race/POC - a few white academics where they were obviously the relevant specialists - so the overall feel of the thing is quite positive, even though the topic is decidedly difficult.


I stumbled across a programme called Yr Wythnos yesterday. It was a round up of the week’s news, but every now and then a word would pop up at the bottom of the screen with its English translation. It was really useful for more unusual vocabulary and it was fairly easy to follow the rest of the content because I already had an idea what it was about. I liked it!


Thanks for the recommendation. Just watched and really enjoyed it although challenging to hear about this part of Welsh history. Good for listening practice too.


I’ve just caught up with Fflam through S4C/Clic but the last episode had a cliffhanger ending! Does anyone know if there are more coming along? Or do I have to wait until after the summer? :sob: