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Breakthroughs: Does anybody have small successes/breakthroughs speaking Cymraeg they want to share?


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Maybe this is kind of a breakthrough, I don’t know. I’ve been trying to learn Welsh for I think four years now. It has been a bumpy journey so far. I gave up many times and then, started again. I’m scared that I will never be able to learn this beautiful language, let alone speak it coherently. But it seems that I cannot run from wanting to learn Welsh, so I can as well continue trying. I missed this forum … I missed you all.


Croeso’n ôl @Claudia_Beryan. :blush:


Diolch yn fawr, Margaret, that’s very kind of you! :sunflower:

I saw one of Aran’s videos on FB. He talked so passionately about learning Welsh that he touched my own love for this language. A love I tried hard to ignore because I have such difficulties learning it.


Da iawn ti


For me it was reading Llanfairpwll-gwyngyllgogerychwyrndrob-wllllantysiliogogogoch and kind of understanding the word - not just a random unpronounceable gibberish but a word I can read (even though slowly )


I spoke welsh in the welsh shop in Yr Wyddgrug today! The man in there was really really nice and helped me find welsh learner novels for my level. I can’t believe I’ve been scared of going in that shop for years.
This is the first time I’ve spoken welsh to someone outside ssiw and I’m so excited about it.


Well done @charleyeyrn, fantastic achievement! It is terrifying taking those early steps in the wild but you’ve done it and it will start to get easier from now on. Just dal ati!


Well done @charleyeyrn. I told the lovely people in Siop y Siswrn a few months ago I was learning with SSIW and they always speak to me in Welsh now. Before this they would say say something in Welsh to me and as I slowly tried to understand what they had said and formulate an answer, they switched to English. It was really frustrating. They are really patient, wait for my answers now and always find things to say that I can actually understand.


Da lawn ti Charley


I’ve been pinging some messages back and forth about various courses. Not very long, but actually using Welsh to communicate and getting actual messages back, not just stilted learner sentences. It’s very exciting.