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How about tonight or tomorrow evening after 7? on skype - apart from a3waymirror my name there is huw rowlands or you can email -


Ok I’ll check that I can find you and drop you an email :+1:


A weekend of Welsh coming soon in Y Fenni.
See you there :slight_smile:

Let me know if you want more details


Hi Nia, yes, I’d like more details please. Where is it and what’s the level and schedule.

Oh and PS, I’ve answered a question and not been upgraded to blue - can you do that?


Don’t understand the technology sorry. Send a quick message to
Are we talking about this Saturday or the weekend? If you’re on level 2 you should be okay for the weekend and anybody is welcome this weekend in Merthyr :slight_smile:



Hello Louis
I live in Llangynidr so very interested in any opportunity to practice with other Brecon learners


Hi Des
I’ve just got back from the Tap in Brecon where a group of people meet every Friday to chat in Welsh. They were very welcoming. The chap who organises it wasn’t there today and isn’t going to be there next week either, but if you wanted to come along, I’m sure that wouldn’t be a problem.


Oh well done Louise! Was that your first ‘Welsh in the wild’ or have you already crossed that bridge!?

Sounds like there’s potential for an SSIW subcommittee now. :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


First time in the wild, yes! :slight_smile:


Congrats. My first conversation was in a pub in Leeds which seemed quite surreal at the time …but it was great! :smile:



Hello Louise
what time on Friday’s?
Do you know who is the organiser


Hi Des,

It is 11am on Friday mornings in the Brecon Tap.

It is run by someone called Malcolm Llywelyn.

It’s a local group - I think @louiset641 went for the first time last week.

Their Facebook page is:

Rich :slight_smile:


Morning Louise
If you are going to Brecon Tap will you please give my apology for missing the group. Not 100% at the moment but will be there at first opportunity