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Bridgend (Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr) monthly meetups


Hi, I’m visiting Wales next week so will miss the second Saturday in December. Do you know of other meet-ups nearby where I can try out my Welsh on real people? I’ll be staying in Cowbridge and Bridgend and Cardiff are about my limit… Any suggestions welcome x


Hi Kitsch…I think there is a meeting on Sat in Bridgend and Mon in Cardiff. If any good let me know and I’ll double check and get details. As always, open to all levels from zero to hero


Yes, in Bridgend we meet the second Saturday of the month. There’s a group that meets every Friday afternoon - 1:30pm at the leisure centre to go for a walk. This is organised by Menter Bro Ogwr.


Thanks very much, I’ll look up where that is. Not sure of my plans each day yet so will try to work in some Welsh speaking where I can!