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Bridgend (Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr) monthly meetups


Hope to see you all at Aroma on Saturday 14th May at 10 o’clock.


Meeting this Saturday (11th June) at Aroma. John can’t come but there might be a new person coming. See you at 10am


Don’t the months whizz by! Meeting this Saturday (9th) at 10am. If the weather is fine, outside Il Panino. If it’s windy, Aroma


Dw i gobeithio i dod a awr coffi ar y 13eg o Awst. Dw i wedi caely uchydig cyfli I clbydwed cymraeg a dw i gobeithio gyda fy mhroblemau bydda ddeall y gwrs.


Gwych! We’re meeting at Cafe Fresco (opposite Watts and Morgan Estate Agents on Nolton Street). Hopefully the acoustics will be better there. Also Aroma Cafe has rearranged the furniture which makes a large group difficult to accommodate :frowning:. It’ll still be at 10am.