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Bridgend (Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr) monthly meetups


Meeting as usual on Saturday. Hopefully, I won’t have a repeat of last month when I ended up in hospital!


Glad you’re better. I hope to be there.


Meeting as usual 10am upstairs at Il Panino. Hope to see you there


Prynhawd da!

Just a quick note to let all SSiW meet-up group organisers and coordinators, know that I have taken responsibility for the weekly email over from Deborah. So if you have any updated information about the group you’re responsible for, please let me know and I’ll ensure the correct info goes in the email. Diolch! :slight_smile:


Thinking of going to the meet up but I really haven’t spoken much Welsh. When’s the right time is there a right time?


Hi Jen, the right time is now :slightly_smiling_face: and if you go to this group you will be in good company as my mum goes ( @heather-9 ) I’m probably a little bias but she is lovely and I have heard her group are too. It is nerve wracking to go to your first meeting but once you’ve gone you’ll be glad you went. I went to my first group when I had been learning 3 weeks. I could say where I was from and that I had been learning “am tia mis”. I got to practice that and then have a stab at a few new sentences all in a friendly atmosphere. Just give it a go. Pob lwc


Diolch. :grin: So it’s upstairs in Il Panino? Is there a specific table?


Hi Jen yes it is upstairs and we usually sit near the window on the right. It is a very friendly welcoming group and a good place to start. Hope you can make it on Saturday. Heather


Yes, you’ll be most welcome. Hope to see you all there on Saturday


We WILL be meeting on Saturday as usual - 10am upstairs at Il Panino


Obviously, meetings are on hold now. I’m not sure when we’ll be able to start up again. I’ll keep you posted.
Take care all. Byddwch yn ofalus pawb.

Jenny x


Hi all,

I hope you’re keeping safe and well. Some good news - Il Panino has reopened for takeaway only. I’ll let you know when they can have people sitting outside. Perhaps we could meet then?

Stay safe,


Hi Jenny that is good news. Hope to see you all when we can. Heather


Hi all, I went to Il Panino yesterday and spoke to Heidi and her husband (the owners). They said they will only open inside if the weather is too bad for people to sit outside. Also, it will only be for people having something to eat.
I’ll be there on Saturday 12th of September at 10 o’clock and see how things go.
Hope to see you then


Four of us met up at Il Panino. We had a good catch-up, sitting outside. That may not be possible in October and the restrictions may be different then. I’ll let you know what’s happening as soon as I know.


Sorry to be so late letting you know what’s happening tomorrow.
We won’t be meeting as Jyoti (my husband) has picked up a stomach bug. Also with the new coronavirus restrictions, we would have to sit outside.
Let’s hope we can meet next month :blush:


Looks like it may be problematic meeting next week. I’ll try to speak to Heidi (owner of Il Panino) to find out what she can and is willing to do.
I’ll let you know as soon as I do. Stay safe


Sorry, Il Panino is only open for takeaway and outdoor seating. The weather forecast isn’t good so we have to cancel again.
Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up next month.


Sorry, Il Panino is still only doing takeaway and outside seating. It looks as though we won’t be able to meet until restrictions are relaxed. It’s possible that we’ll have to go back into lockdown in January anyway.
Stay safe and well


So it looks like another month gone without a meeting. Maybe March? I’ll let you know