Bristol Meetups


The meetup went well: Efenj and I thought to go next time for the Tobacco Factory café-bar, (which does food for those interested) Bedminster, Bristol, and I suggest Tuesday 27 February, at 7.30pm ??



Shwmae Paul, how did the Bristol meet up go on Tuesday?


yes I’ll be there on February the 27th, @PaulM!
@ChrisLeaman the meet up was great, thanks so much Paul for coming up with this initiative!
hope to see more of us this time!:slight_smile:


I wasn’t in the UK to come to the last meetup, I’m sorry! Glad it went well.

I forgot that Tuesday evenings are also busy for me, so I won’t be able to make the one on 27th February.

If anyone is in/could come to Bath, I’d be happy to meet up!

@rb1 maybe you’d be interested?


Yep a Bath meet up would be good for me. Bris makes a lot of sense on one level (as get more people together) but the reality is that it can end up being a long drive from Bath and, on top of that, you then don’t get a chance to yfed ac prynu cwrw (drink and buy beer) which, seeing as I have been repeating back tons of such sentences for the past few months, would be a shame! Bus to Bris makes it a long evening and train only leaves you with not so good pub options near Temple Meads. So good shout Thomas (@thomasjameswilliams ) - anyone else out there fancy a Bath meet up? Rich


Hi, I just looked at the forum for the first time in ages and I saw this! I live in Bristol and am very keen to try out my new Welsh skills. I will definitely be interested in coming to the next meet up if I can make it.


Helo Criw Bryste. Bechod. Fedrai ddim gwneud y gyfarfod hyn chwaith. Dwi’n ar shift pnawn ar 27th Feb. Gobeithio i cyfarfod i fynny efo chi pryd mae fy shifftiau’n caniatau.


I’d be keen to attend a meet up! Have only been learning Welsh for a short while though. Can’t make a Tuesday but will try and make another one.

Hywl fawr


mae’n cwrw yn Bryste hefyd, @Rich.B ! :wink:
dw i’n deall bo chi eisiau gyfarfod agosaf i chi ( = Bath). ond gallwch chi mynd i Mryste hefyd weithoau os ydych chi eisiau :smiley:
pa ddiwrnod fyddai’n gweithio orau i chi? @thomasjameswilliams @GeorgeMcKenzie @ChrisLeaman @Ludo

there’s beer in Bristol too!
I understand that you prefer to meet up closer to your home (Bath), but feel free to come to Bristol too sometimes if you fancy it!
Which day would work best for you? we could have Tuesday 27th of February the Tobacco Factory (they do local beer and food too! :wink: ) and then another meet up some other day of the week :slight_smile:


S’mae @Efenj ac diolch

Dwi yn Bristolian ond Dwi yn byw ac gweithio yn Caerfaddon nawr. (I’m going to go mainly phoenetic now!!) nersy verval am honey ac dwi yn merval mae e cheitee tafarn yn Caerfaddon neu ver vi vimen ddod/gallu ddod un aml. ond diolch ac ba vein (un diwrnod) ddod os dwi yn gallu. pob hwyl Rich

Hi Efenj and thanks

I am Bristolian but I live and work in Bath now. I thought about it and I think I need a pub (and meet up) in Bath or I will not come/be able to come often. But thanks and I will (one day) come if I am able. All the best Rich



Reminder - Bristol meetup tomorrow evening, Tuesday 27 Feb, Tobacco Factory, at 7.30pm. Hwyl nawr! Paul


Great! I’m looking forward to meeting you all.


yes! see you there:)


With freezing snow and untreated roads, I am concerned and will not venture out tonight. Sori. Paul


Helo Chris a diolch…falle mae’n bosib ‘neud meetup rhwng Weston a Clevedon, e.e. Plough, Congresbury, un noswaith?
Congresbury meetup idea launch




I’m going. Hopefully I won’t be the only one there.


I’m inside! Like in front of the door:)


Paid a phoni Paul! Dw i’n dallt
No worries - I understand


How did it go? Sorry I missed it. Next meetup …Tuesday 27 March Tobacco Factory ?


Hi Paul, there were 3 of us and we all enjoyed it.
See you on the 27th.