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CACEN Meetup South East England


What time will you be holding this? I shall be at the former HMS Dryad to hear a presentation of the map in the Map Room during the late morning but if that doesn’t clash I will try to bring my unpractised novice Welsh for its first outing.


Usual timing is 13:00 - 16:00 and there’s no reason to change a winning formula. As an untried learner you’ll be in good hands and company! Food is provided, so don’t worry about that. I may even be persuaded to provide drinks as well :wink:… There are currently three of us, I believe…
Come early, come late, you’ll be more than welcome!


Llongyfarchiadau to CACEN’s Val and her Trefforest campus (University of South Wales) team! They won Y Cwis Mawr (The Big Quiz) in the 'Shw’mae Caerdydd’ learners’ centre in the Pierhead Building at yr Eisteddfod on 4th August. Three CACEN members were there to cheer them on!


Cacen Meetup September 8th 1:00- 4:00 Brighton. Please PM me for address.

Llongyfarchiadau indeed.

Val, the conquering Hero.

For this meetup, after the rigours of the Eisteddfod for those of us able to go, I think we ought to have a bit of homework based on it - My favourite Eisteddfod story. If you didn’t manage go go or you haven’t got a favourite, just make one up. Keep it short but sweet. In other words, don’t ramble…

As always, Newyddion, sgwrs and bring a plate for shared lunch (with a little bit of food on it!).

Please let me know if you can come.

Anyone who has declared an interest but hasn’t come previously, you will be most welcome. Don’t worry about your current place on the learning continuum, we’re all on it somewhere.

Meanwhile, all of us with SSIW can add ourselves to the map at

That way we can show the world how many of us are in this neck of the woods (or wherever you are for that matter) and maybe with that critical mass, attract new enquiries.

Hwyl fawr


How it’s looking for an October meetup? A couple of people in your general area have posted on the forum recently looking for opportunities to speak Welsh. I’ve pointed them towards you @markwatkinprice :slight_smile:


Diolch Dee


Hylo Pawb

Our next session will be in Brighton, location please PM me. Time 13:00-16:100:

Val is hosting and her email to the rest of Cacen reads as below. For those who weren;t at the last meetup, ‘chunk’ relates to either an unpronounceable word or to a phrase you may have come across and think the rest of the group could find useful. as always, fun is the main driver.

Please let me know if you can make it and as always, please bring a small dish to share.


Hangman (!) : please come along with a 3 or 4 word “chunk” of Welsh for the rest of us to guess. You might find this in a Welsh book or on a Welsh website e.g. BBC Cymru Fyw or I think this will work better than individual words as it’s actually easier to guess a chunk than a single word and it’ll help us all learn some extra chunks of Welsh to use in conversation. Examples might be i lawr y ffordd (down the road), dyma gar newydd (here’s a new car), ar ben yr ysgol (at the top of the ladder). Hope that makes sense!

Hwyl am y tro


Could I check the date for that please?

EDIT: I’m going for the second Saturday, which you mentioned further up the thread, so 13th October?


Sorry All

It’s the now usual second Saturday of the month - this time the 13th

Diolch Dee


Hylo Pawb

After the excitement of the SSIW Eisteddfod, it’s now Cacen’s turn to entice and inebriate the senses. Our next meetup is Saturday November 10 (Second Saturday of the month) at Chichester. If you need an address, please PM me. Time is 1:00 to 4:00 for a bring a plate to share lunch, then sgwrsio and the (in the best spirit of modern primary education) non-competitive Eisteddfod.

No defined categories except that anyone who wants to can ‘do a turn’, or just enjoy the hwyl. Song/story/poem/picture/photo/audio-visual display, the sky is the limit. We still have to top the now-legendary cookery demonstration by Sally a couple of years ago, so let your imagination run riot.

So long as it has something to do with Wales or being Welsh, it qualifies.

Followed by the annual award to the person voted as made most progress in the year - the David March Love Spoon. David was an early member who sadly died in an accident on Snowdon and we are proud to remember him each year in this way.

Looking forward to seeing as many as would like to join us - please contact me if you would like to come.

Edrych ymlaen at eich gweld chi.



Hi @markwatkinprice - do you have a location for your 8 Dec meetup yet?


Hylo Dee

Roedd hi wedi mynd i fod ym Mrighton ond mae cynlluinau wedi newyd, Dw i’n gobeithio gwybod mwy yfory

It was going to be Brighton but things have changed. I should know tomorrow



Iawn. Oedd rhaid i fi baratoi’r cylchlythyr heddiw achos dw i’n mynd i fod yn brysur iawn fory.
OK, I had to prepare the newsletter today as I’m going to be really busy tomorrow.


Hylo Pawb

This month’s meetup is slightly out of the ordinary.

It’s still the second Saturday of the month - Saturday 8 December, but runs from 3 - 6 pm with Tea - simple things like crisps and Mr Kiplings.

The location this month is Portsmouth.

The theme is ’ If I could have my time again, I’d’ … What?.. Why?

As always, the emphasis is on hwyl. If you’ve not been before, you will be very welcome regardless of how much you know. If you aren;t on our list, please email me for the address.

Looking forward to seeing you

Hwyl fawr



Really sorry for the unplanned message, but I am not going to be able to host the meeting this Saturday. Mum passed away yesterday - I am nok and need to sort out the aftermath.
Is there a kind soul out there willing to step into this jagged-edged hole?
You’re a lovely group of people, all the best for a good meet, I’ll see you soon.


Sending love and support, Gary - hang on in there. :heart:


pinging @markwatkinprice


Gary - much love from the group to you, Phylis and your family. :green_heart:
Thinking of you all and do let anyone of us know if there’s anything that we can do or if you ever want a paned and to talk.

CACEN will meet at ours in Chichester on Saturday and, as Mark says, not at the normal times but between 3 - 6pm. Croeso to all who can come, including anyone new or visiting the area over the weekend.

Contact Mark for details.


Hylo Pawb

With Nadolig looming, things are getting tight on the planning now. Good luck everyone.

Our next meetup will be in Seaford on as always the second Saturday of the month 12th January. Please note that for this occasion time will be 3:00 to 6:00 pm.

As always the emphasis will be on hwyl.

The theme will be ‘My Bucket List’. As simple or as complex as you want. Long enough to make it interesting, not too long it becomes a ramble. (With the best will in the world:))

Bring a plate to share.

See you all there.

Nadolig Llawen i chi i gyd!



Hi @markwatkinprice! Any dates for 2019 yet?