***Cancelled*** - Llandysul Meet-up, First Sunday of month, Calon Tysul


new and veteran

I take it I was one of the “new” :laughing:


I specifically didn’t say “new and old”, Huw. I think we can count Dee and you as veteran, being “magnificent saith” and all!


Wow! It’s that time already!

A few of you mentioned that you would want to come this month - well, it’s tomorrow. Sorry for late notice, and I’m sure some of you will miss the message til it;s too late. On the other hand. if we have half the fun we had last time, and some of you can make it, then you’re in for a treat.

And the hall is fully booked for tables this time (it was a bit quiet last time with the school holidays just coming to an end etc)

So, pile on down to Llandysul for 10.30 / 11 ish tomorrow, and have a cup of tea or coffee, a clonc, our buy and tell (the highlight last time!) and get any questions answered.

See you there!


Sorry @Iestyn. Maureen & I can’t make it tomorrow nor next month (our 40th (Ruby) anniversary), but I’ve put 2nd December in our diary.

We really enjoyed the last event and would recommend it to anyone in the vicinity (or futher afield). :+1:


Dim problem Huw!

It was lovely to see Fiona there before her long journey home, and greta to welcome Kay and Emma back. Huw - you won’t recognise Kay “I can’t speak Welsh” who spoke a lot of Welsh even though she’s only done the first challenge this month. I hope you can come back next time to witness the growth!


Is there a meet-up this Sunday?


I’ll be there :slight_smile: and I’m assuming Iestyn will be too.


It’s just that I saw that the table top sale has been cancelled for November and December, so just wanted to check.

But if SSiW meet-up is still on, I’ll try to come. Depending on access to car. :slight_smile:


Ah, I didn’t know that. I’ll check with @Iestyn.


Yes, unfortunately, because of a lack of interest in the Table Top sale, it has been cancelled at least for this year, which means we don’t really have a venue. Dee and I will have a think about what we can do, because the meet-up is obviously valuable to people.

So, there will be no coffee morning on Sunday, but watch this space (or at least a space quite close to here…) for further developments.


We are still thinking about what can we do in Llandysul starting in the new year, but in the meantime, you may be interested in coming along to the monthly Clonc-edigion meetup. The next one is this Saturday (8/12), 11am, in the White Swan Inn, Llanon and it’s a great opportunity to meet other SSiWers from all over Ceredigion.