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Canolradd mynedisf


Hi, I’m confused about the different courses that seem to be on offer eg canolradd, Sylvaen, Uwch, mynediad??? Can anyone explain or point me in the right direction? It’s really the different levels I’m confused about. Thanks


Hi Mandy - are you asking about the courses offered by Welsh for Adults (Cymraeg i Oedolion), or the SaySomethinginWelsh courses? Mynediad/Sylfaen/Canolradd/Uwch are the names of the Welsh for Adults courses, and go in that order; ours are simply called Levels 1, 2 and 3, and can be found here :slight_smile:


Hi, it’s the welsh for adults courses. I’m already signed up to ssiw, just interested in what else is out there! Thanks


Fair enough so! I’m not personally familiar with those courses as I didn’t follow them myself, but there is some information about the various levels available at, if that helps? Other people who’ve done these courses will hopefully be able to give you more concrete info about what they’re like. :slight_smile:


Also, in the link @Wren posted here you can see online materials that relate to each of those levels, which might help you get an idea – translated into English as Entry (Mynediad) / Foundation (Sylfaen) / Intermediate (Canolradd) / Advanced (Uwch).


Thanks you you both, I’ve looked at site, really helpful