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Carmarthen conversation group


Hi everyone (or should I say Shwmae!) I have just moved to Penygroes near Llanelli and have little local knowledge. I would love to meet up with anyone willing to listen to my pigeon Welsh. I am retired so times are not a problem. - Mike


Hi Jan and Mike. We are in the Ivy Bush in Carmarthen on Thursday night this week, 7-9.
The Llandeilo group, not an SSIW group but a very good group is this Friday, 10-12. I look forward to seeing either or both of you this week. For the Ivy Bush I will try to remember to identify myself with my knitting.


Thanks. The Llandeilo group is better for me. Where is it? I’ll probably come to the Carmarthen group as well if I can but I don’t know my way around here so perhaps you could let me have the address?


The Llandeilo Group meets at 8 Carmarthen Street, the buildings of the Dyfed Archeological Trust. It was the old Town Council Buildings.


Archaeological Trust


Brilliant. Hope to make it tomorrow but still interested in the Carmarthen group.



Carmarthen, Thursday nights. Llandeilo Friday mornings.


Nice to meet up with you last night. Thanks for all your help. See you in two weeks.


Hi all - feel a bit cheeky posting on here as I currently live in Worcester but I went to school in Carmarthen and am hoping to move back to the area by the Autumn (on that note, does anyone know of any jobs going???!!!) Nice to see that there is a friendly crowd around.


We need nurses and health care support workers in the NHS in our part of the world! And doctors in some specialities.


Thanks, I’m doing my best to search and apply for things but some jobs are word of mouth.


Hi. I have just about finished the Mynediad Cwrs / Cymraeg I Oedolion and wondered if it might be possible to come along to any conversational groups / meetings in Carmarthen over the summer? I noticed that the forum has some past comments referring to meetings in the Ivy Bush but I’m not sure whether these still happen or the dates and times if they do.


Hi Robin. We will be meeting next Thursday, 25th, in The Ivy Bush hotel between 7 and 9. Hope to see you there. In the arm chairs in the sitting room opposite the bar.


Hi Margaret
Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve made a note of the time and hopefully should be able to be there next week.


Annwyl Margret,
My husband, Armin, and I will be staying in Llanddewi Velfrey (nr. Narberth) from 15 Aug to 28 Aug. As there doesn’t seem to be a meet-up in Hwlffordd anymore, I’d like to ask if there will be one in Caerfyrddin? And if so, would it be alright if I joined you - i ymarfer siarad a deall Cymraeg? Dw i wedi gwpla sgwrs un (SSiW).
Diolch yn fawr!
PS. Yw Armin ddim yn gallu siarad Cymraeg - ond mae fe’n gallu yfyd cwrw :wink:


Hi Charlotte, and all other SSIW members and friends.

Our meetings over the next few weeks will be on August 6, August 20 and September 3. In the Ivy Bush Hotel, Spilman Street, in the sitting room space next door to the bar.

You need to register your car on a screen when you arrive, but you don’t need to pay to park. 7 til about 9pm. I try to remember to bring knitting so as to be recognised, but sometimes forget, so just ask around.

The Ivy Bush doesn’t know about us as an SSIW group, we haven’t hired space, we just look like a few friends meeting to chat, which is what we are.

Looking forward to seeing you in August,


Diolch yn fawr!


Hope you can make it tonight @charlottefalb


Only just spotted this at short notice. I might try to make the next one (Sep 3).


@dave_5 You would be very welcome. @charlottefalb came last night and we had a wide ranging conversation from knitting to trains to Frankfurt to Wales, to husbands who don’t speak Welsh.