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Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


Since 18th May is emerging as the favourite, I think the suggestion of a venue near Tresaith to involve any bootcampers who can stay is a good one. When this was done before, I thought it worked well.
Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, I can’t make the 18th myself.


Ceinewydd is definitely a good shout that I’ve referenced in previous posts. The Bluebell is a really good place and full of Welsh speakers behind the till.


Any decisions here for the newsletter? :slight_smile:


I’ m happy with Ceinewydd . Where is the Bluebell ?
Hwyl Beth


Sorry all. I went to France for a week and went off the face of the world!

I unfortunately cannot make Saturday due to a family engagement in south Wales, however if anyone wants to meet on Saturday I am more than happy to put the messages out through the usual channels :slight_smile:


I’ve made other plans now for next weekend, and am shortly moving away from the borders of Ceredigion. Best of luck, fellow Cloncediggers!


Yes, croeso i’r Gogledd, Bronwen! You’ll be even further north than me.

As I’m in Gwynedd and a “foreigner” to you Cerdigionites, I can’t make it to the events in the southern part of your territory but I will continue to keep an eye on this thread for meetings in Aber or Machynlleth.


I am unable to come to Ceinewydd on Sat after all. My husband fell and we spent hours in A and E yesterday. All is well, but a quiet day on Saturday will be good. Hope to meet up next month


Sorry to hear that you are moving away. Thank you for helping to turn my pink badge to blue. Good luck with your move.
Best wishes


Is the meeting taking place in the Bluebell tomorrow, I can’t see any posts actually confirming this? If so what time, I have to go to Swansea in the afternoon?


I haven’t heard of anything arranged for May, so I’m thinking that no one will be getting together until after the big Parti Penblwydd. Is that right?

I’m not around this weekend or I’d suggest a quick meetup in Ceinewydd. Croesi bysedd bydd Mehefin a little quieter!


That sounds like a good idea. I really enjoyed the clonc I attended in Aber, but I’m not actually a resident of Cerdigion, so I will only attend if/when the meeting is held in the north of your territory. But a bit of forward planning should help everyone, including, presumably, people to the south of Ceredigion who might make it to meetings down at the southern end of the county.


Apologies for disappearing off the face of the Earth a bit for the last month, the last three Saturdays have had something come up that I’ve been unable to avoid.

I’d probably suggest now leaving Ceinewydd until September as we’re in prime tourist season now and its going to be rammed :slight_smile: I called in on Sunday on our way back from Swansea and it was heaving full.

Would it work better for people if we said something like first Saturday of the month? Last Saturday of the month? Or is the current “more loose” system better?


I would be ok with a set Saturday then would just need to know if location is nearby.


A set Saturday would be better for me (as long as we avoid the 2nd Saturday :slightly_smiling_face:, which is the Mach meetup). Sorry I’ve been quiet on the Clonc front for a while - I’ve temporarily moved out of Wales and gone into storage. Should be back up and running in July.


You mean avoid the second Saturday :thinking:


What is wrong with me?! Edited!


I think a set Saturday would make it easier, and we can always add in an extra meetup if some special event should occur on a different Saturday :partying_face:


We could make it the last Saturday of the month, which would usually coincide with the end of Bwtcamp when there’s one running, like this coming Saturday. How about we try the Bluebell in Ceinewydd?

The Pier, S John St, New Quay SA45 9NW


I would very much support this. I cannot make this Saturday as Lara and I will be in Cardiff to watch Manic Street Preachers, but yes - please continue with Bluebell!

I was actually there on Sunday!