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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg - Post Something in Welsh! 🎉


My first card. Thank you Aled, love the sheep! I was stuck on one bit - ‘fy ngyfeillion newydd’ but got the rest (I think!)
Great idea to put your number from the list - I will copy that idea. It made you very easy to track down:)

Sending sheep-free card back soon!


@franhunni… cyfaill/ cyfrillion is the word for ffrind / ffrindiau.
He’s using proper welsh :smile:


Oh no! I can’t even do improper Welsh! this post card malarkey is going to be even more of a challenge than I first thought:)


Here’s one of my homemade cards- hope is makes the recipient hapus :slight_smile:


Such talent! Da iawn ti.


Diolch :slight_smile:


I was excited to get the new list of names, and have already chosen a couple of people to send cards to, on the basis that they live in interesting places and they MIGHT just agree to talk to me on Slack!

I hope no-one is put off by the recommendation that we send 6 cards a month, which would prove expensive for people on low incomes, especially for international mail. I’ve decided that I’ll just send a couple, as I did last month, but I will reply to every postcard that is sent to me. I’m looking forward to the arrival of the post, now that I don’t just get bills and junk mail!


Just got the email don’t know if this has been asked already but do I pick anyone to send to or is there a system? Different people each month?
Not sure if I know enough Welsh to send out 6 postcards a month or have enough postcards for that matter. :rofl: I can’t buy them local. Happy to send out more than one but I wasn’t prepared for 6


I believe we can send postcards to anyone now. I’m intending to choose people in a very random way, (people I’d like to talk to on Slack, people I have made friends with on Slack, people who live just down the road, and people who live at the other side of the world). But I will get through the list eventually, even #16! Personally, I think that if people can only send one card a month, it would be nice to just go steadily through the list, so that no-one gets overlooked. What do others think?


Do you buy international stamps?


Yes, if I’m writing to someone abroad…


Yeah 6 postcards a month is too much if you’re on low income. I completely agree. A few isn’t so bad.


Hi Jen! You send your first posytcard to the next numbered person on the list - so if you’re #58, you’d send your first one to #59. How you proceed from there is up to you; Nia has offered to send you 6 random numbers in this week’s email, if you let her know. Some of us are planning on working our way through the numbered list, although possibly with ‘extras’ thrown in… Some are doing methodically plus answering…See how you feel after your first one!

Mae’n gyffrous iawn i derbyn cardiau post yn Gymraeg!! :slight_smile: Ond dw i ddim yn siŵr beth sy’n meddwl fy postmon Saesneg…! It’s realy exciting getting Welsh postcards, though I’m not sure what my English postman thinks…

(Think he’s fine really, but suspect he doesn’t see that many Welsh language postcards in Norfolk - or hadn’t before now!! Makes me very happy :smiley: )


Thanks. :grin: 6 is a bit much but I’ll see how I go this time. Exciting!


Hello Aled, I received your card today. Diolch yn fawr! :sunny:
It was a great surprise, coming home from work and finding it in the letterbox :smile:


Yes, I think it would be good to keep that as a habit!

In any case,

Er…to be honest, for now, I was thinking of recycling a few sentences in different postcards! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for postcards I got myself a stock in a few shops that happened to still have them, and at the flea market! Also DIY sounds like a good idea!

As for stamps, the majority seems in the UK, which can make it a bit cheaper for you in the UK to send postcards to one another.
I won’t take it personally if I get way less postcards than you Welsh and British folks! :wink:


Diolch Aled for the lovely postcard! :smile:


I feel six is quite a lot, specially as I’m a member of another postcard group. I plan to send one a month, just working my way down the list, but also reply to any that come my way, if I can work out who they are. If people leave the group will you reallocate the number @nia.llywelyn or just leave it blank? Also, have I missed it or is there a way of linking up real names with forum names? I know not everyone is here on the forum, but if they are I would hate to find myself sending a postcard to someone I feel I know quite well here but be unaware of that fact.


Points raised from previous discussion:

  1. There is no need to send 6 cards, it’s only a recommendation.
  2. If people decide to leave the group, their numbers will be reallocated.
  3. If people want to ensure that everybody receives a card…ask for random numbers ( by e-mail). I’ve started ticking off already but giving everybody different numbers would take up too much of my time.

Please enjoy the experience of sending an receiving postcards :heart:


Is the list available in a spreadsheet? I’m having problems importing it from word and I do like a good spreadsheet to keep track of things…