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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg 🎉


Show us your new board when you get the chance @Camilla_Walker :slight_smile: diolch


Maybe the list should be randomly sorted and then resorted each month or whenever. That way you can safely send one to the next person on the list each time


I will @nia.llywelyn :slight_smile:


Have changed it on my copy @nia.llywelyn , @jenny-5 :slight_smile:


I write the dates I send and receive cards onto my list - which keeps track of actual cards, if not online thanks! But I too am scarily behind on replies for lovely cards received… However did you manage 13 in one morning @amandalaing?! Very impressive!

Dau gerdyn post hyfryd i godi fy hwyliau eto’r wythnos 'ma :slight_smile: Diolch yn fawr iawn Bethan (#13) a Ruth (#14).
Two lovely cards to cheer me again this week - thanks very much Bethan and Ruth :slight_smile:


I think that could have its own problems @Cilgwri. With the list (happily) growing every month, it’s already a fair bit of work - the thought of having to shuffle it every month too… :open_mouth:

Also, different people have different systems going, and most send more than one card a month - all of which could get scrambled. As all is working well so far (as far as I know), unless a problem does arise, I’d go for staying as we are. Does that seem fair?


Helo!! I’m new this whole thing, but very excited!! I received TWO postcards this week! Thanks @nia.llywelyn #71 and Kate #119!!! I am a little confused though… who am I meant to be sending to? The email says, send to the next person on the list. But people seem to be sending to many and receiving many…? Thanks, sorry this has probably been answered somewhere already!


Send to whom ever you choose. It’s very relaxed. I’ve sent loads of and had a fair few too. I’m sure my scribblings are gibberish ond dw i’n trio.


You may send as many cards as you can muster, but as a way to guarantee that everyone will receive at least one postcard, everyone is asked to send a card to the next person on the list with each new batch (and then go down the list one by one). In addition to that, feel free to send as many as you like / can afford.


@EstherHughes We ask the new members to send their first postcard to the next on the list to make sure that everyone receives a postcard.
Yes, some people are more enthusiastic than others! I’m in the middle of writing 7 at the moment.
Most who have been members for a while have a system going now. So it’s up to you really.
The motto is, the more you send the more you’ll get back😄


Do you know of a Gwen from Ireland @Deborah-SSi? ( member of SSiW)


No, I don’t, unfortunately. There is one person with the user name @Gwen on the forum, but she’s only posted once and didn’t say if she was from Ireland.


#45 is Ireland @nia.llywelyn - (County Dublin) - but down as Laurie Graham…
Is Gwen someone who perhaps uses a different name to their given name? Another thought @BronwenLewis - is Gwen actually from Ireland, or was she just posting her card from there?

One thing I have noted is that most people within the British Isles haven’t included their country - very few England, no Wales, no Ireland or N Ireland; have seen Scotland. - which we don’t have to include within British Isles addresses, but may be helpful for international mail?!
Have half thought of colour coding list for countries of British Isles - what do you reckon?


I just write UNITED KINGDOM everywhere where no country’s been included in the address :sweat_smile:

I wanted to ask whether I should post about the cards I get and the cards I send on here too. I’ve been posting in WSP over on Slack but I’m new and not sure what’s the best way to do it.


No you don’t have to @Irina. We’re using facebook more to publicize the postcard club so all photos are welcome
You don’t have to use all these platforms. We’re trying to get more using the Welsh Speaking Practice.:smile:


Yes, just in case this helps, the way it works as you probably know is as long as the card gets to the UK, the Royal Mail tend to use our post code rather than county and member country. However I thought it would be cool to put Cymru on my address :slight_smile:

As Sionned will tell us, an internet search on the post code will show roughly where we live.


I’m pworking yn Iwerddon and I know someone is in the postcard list less that 30 minutes walk from where I’m sitting but I’m going to send them a card from home as it’d be a cool out to send them one from Dùn Laoghaire.


Who is she @gareth-mitchell? We’re all a bit confused!


The she is a he who I’m talking about. #45. Or at least I think they are from the spelling of their name.


That’s Laurie, a well-known woman writer (check out the fiction shelves in your local library!) I’ve had a card from her also, and she’s not the mysterious Gwen…