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Colwyn Bay calling Melbourne


In two weeks time we will arrive in Melbourne to visit our son. I thought it would be great fun to catch up with any SSiWers there, if that’s possible. If anyone knows where and when meet ups happen I would be very grateful. Hope to see you soon. Hwyl, Andrea


@dee if you haven’t caught it for the email already? :star: :star2:


Helo! Liz sydd yma. I live in Melbourne and would love to catch up.


Hiya Andrea
If you should overshoot Melbourne, or if you happen to be visiting Tasmania by choice, you may like to know that there’s a small group of committed Welsh learners in Hobart who would be happy to meet you.
It’s quite likely that I’ll be visiting the UK while you’re in Aus, but I can put you in touch with the others, if you like.
Peter Ball (


Oh, thanks Peter, but what a shame! We visited Tassie on our last visit, so it’s unlikely this time. We loved it there and particularly our trip to eat and drink our way around Brunny Island! White wallabies! x


Hi Liz, that would be great thank you. We will be in Spotswood, but we could always meet up in the City. There is always an Aussie mobile phone waiting for us when we get there, so if you wouldn’t mind PMing me with your mobile number, I could text you when we get there and know what they have planned for us. We will be there from July 21st to Sept 15th, so I’m sure we’ll find time, won’t we?:grinning:


The city would be great. We have classes in the Welsh church every Tuesday evening. We use SSiW and it would give people a huge boost if someone from Wales turned up. No, pressure. :grin: I’ll PM my number.


I just thought i’d leave a comment here to say how much I love Colwyn Bay.
Only been there twice mind you. And this is the first time I think I have seen someone on SSIW from Colwyn Bay.

Great stuff