Comics of classic Welsh tales


Aimed at children and adults, seems a nice way of introducing these tales to a fresh audience - the stories of Gwenllian and of Branwen are available in Welsh and English language versions:

Oxford Welsh learners group

Diolch John.

Those are nice, aren’t they?


Thanks for the link. Those were interesting reads.


That reminded me. I took these photos for you and @dee
They’re comics in Te reo maori


My Maori knowledge is really frustrating now. I’ve reached the stage where I see words and I know that I used to know what they meant, but I can’t remember any more :disappointed_relieved:


That’s how I feel when I try to speak French. Welsh comes out. It puts into context how well the Welsh languages campaigns have done, even if they do have a long way to go. I didn’t see Maori on any signs or hear it on public announcements. If was much less visible than Welsh is.
I think Jacinda Ardern has make a solid effort from what I can gather.


Shame. How did you feel about the visibility of Euskera when you were in Bilbao?


Very good! I was impressed. I didn’t knowingly hear any though. Everywhere we went seemed to be predominantly Spanish.