Coming to Wales


I would love to meet while you’re staying in Dolgellau. This is my home territory, so if you want a native guide for any sightseeing, I’ll be free on those days apart from Monday morning. At the very least we must meet for a panad and sgwrs in Caffi T H Roberts.


Great, thanks Siaron!

Other than setting aside one day for a trip to the Wool Museum, we don’t have anything locked in over those days so we should definitely be able to work something out! :slight_smile:


Do you mean the Wool Museum in Drefach Felindre? Near Newcastle Emlyn? If so, you might get a few people willing to meet you there for a dishgled/panad.


Yep, that’s the one! It would definitely be great to meet up with some people on our one and only venture into the south :smile:


Unfortunately I’m not going to be around at that time, but if you let me know which day it will be, I can pass on the information and see if there are others that could make it.


As @dee said. If you give us a date for the Drefach Felindre visit I might be able to make it as well. The further ahead I know, the more likely. How will you be travelling around Wales?


Does this mean that you are a weaver or spinner? If so do you know about the Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers?


I spin, knit, and weave as well too, though my weaving is pretty amateur. It’s nice to meet other crafts people. Unfortunately, I’m over here in the States. :frowning: :wink:


We’ll have a car to travel around for our whole time in Wales, and as for Drefach Felindre, we’ll have a chat about it over this weekend and I’ll report back :slight_smile:

I’m not myself, but Jess is! I just have an interest. We’ll look into it, thank you :slight_smile:


If you look on the website for the Association of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers they have the list of area guilds and when their meetings are. The all welcome visitors. Some may be more Welsh speaking than others.


We’ve discussed the trip to the Wool Museum, and since we don’t have any reason particularly to choose one day over another, we’ve decided to arbitrarily pick the Sunday, which is 30 September.

If anyone would like to meet us at the museum café or any preferred local spot, we’d be delighted! Morning and afternoon would both work, since we’ll be down for the day :slight_smile:


The museum cafe is an ideal meeting place as most southern bwtcampers will tell you.
I shall certainly try and make it. :+1:t2::black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


I’ve just realised that I’ll actually be away in Mid Wales during your visit. However, this means that I may be able to meet you at the Wool Museum instead, along with other SSiWers. I’ve never been there before as it’s a 2 hour drive from home, but it will be much nearer from where we’re staying that week.


Really quick note here as we’re just about to set off on our drive to Dolgellau, but just reminding anyone who’d be interested that we’re planning to go to the National Wool Museum tomorrow, probably from the morning into the afternoon. Time crept up on me a bit in terms of organising - I’ll look into everything more thoroughly and put up a proper post once we’re settling into our cottage this afternoon.

Wales is treating us very kindly so far! :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


I’m so sorry I’m going to miss you, but we’re setting off very shortly for our stay in Mid Wales. I had thought I might be able to make it to the National Wool Museum on Sunday, but we need to take advantage of the good weather and the tides being right to go exploring and taking photos for my husband’s geology book.

Hope you have a good time in Dolgellau. If you like wool, I can recommend the lovely little wool shop Knit One (opposite the arches at the top of the square). The owner is not a Welsh speaker, but very friendly and helpful. I hope you can meet some other SSiWers.


What terrible luck! Good to have such lovely weather of course, but just one of those timing things I guess. We’re not leaving the country for a couple of weeks yet, so there’s always hope we get another chance.

Thanks for the recommendation about Knit One - I’ve passed it onto Jess and sounds like we’ll be paying it a visit in the near future.

Have a great time exploring, and I hope the weather stays on your side :slight_smile:


The plan is to get to the Wool Museum for opening at 10am or very soon after, and we’ll be staying at least until lunch time and very possibly into the afternoon. If anyone is thinking of coming and having a panad and a chat in the café, feel free to PM me and I can give you my number for co-ordination purposes. In the morning I’ll try and remember to post on here what we’re wearing or some other thing to identify us by :slight_smile:

There’s no obligation for anyone to come, of course, especially since it’s been a bit of a haphazard plan, but we’ll definitely be there ready and raring to practise our Cymraeg if the opportunity arises :sunglasses:


I was hoping to Drive up from Pembs this morning for a cuppa and a chat but unfortunately somethings crept up.
You will love the museum though and find others to practice your welsh on. I do hope a fellow SSIWer turns up.
Have a great day anyway and remember you are getting a 5star welcome when you head north. :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Well we’re here! If anyone’s coming, look for someone with short red hair and someone with long brown hair and a pink backpack and come say s’mae! As before, feel free to PM for a phone number :slight_smile:


And we’re off again :slight_smile: