Coming to Wales


Hi everyone, for an update on our situation, we’re staying in a cottage near Llanrug at the moment and unfortunately our two weekend days up in this area were taken up by vital and unmovable events (Llyn Cau and Ynys Enlli!). We’ll have to be in Manchester Wednesday night to fly back to Australia on Thursday morning, so we have full days Monday and Tuesday left and possibly some of Wednesday morning. We’re planning to go to Conwy and possibly Dolbadarn Castle as well, but if anyone happens to be free in or around Caernarfon (or reasonably drivable distance, since we have a car) in the next few days we’d be keen to meet up.

We haven’t made it very easy to catch up with us, since we caught the adventure bug in Snowdonia and have mostly been going on walks and climbing partway up mountains and having picnics at lakes and castles and so on, but we’re hoping to have a fairly chill last few days and are pretty flexible in our plans.

On the whole, we’re having an incredible time in Wales and will be very sad to leave! Three more days just isn’t enough :sob::sob::sob:


I’m in Caernarfon at work during the day so if you’re in town around lunchtime I could meet up for a panad, but don’t worry if you’re elsewhere. :slight_smile:


So, ah, great news regarding this. I read the thing wrong and we have four more days, not three. Small wins?


We’re planning to spend a fair bit of tomorrow in Caernarfon, so if it suits you to meet up at lunchtime we’ll be around! No stress if you’re busy, of course :slight_smile:


Tomorrow would be perfect :smiley:
How does meeting at the Galeri at 12.30 sound? (or 5 minutes later if you want to meet in town somewhere?)


Sounds great!


Sorry to miss this, but I’m not a back-not-working-very-well day… :frowning:


I’m sorry to hear that and hope you’re doing better today - I know the feeling :frowning:

But I’m sure we’ll be back!


It was lovely to meet you all yesterday (@alex_1 , @JessicaLyn , @eckhard), and I’m just sorry I had to disappear back to work - that hour flew by and it would have been lovely to stay and chat for longer!


Hi, Siaron!

Yes, I did enjoy our little meetup as well. Thank you again for making that possible. And thank you, too, to @alex_1 and @JessicaLyn. I hope you still have a nice stay in Europe!
I am back in Germany again, have already been to work and try to continue practicing my Welsh. If anybody of you knows of a Welshman or a Welshwoman who happens to live in Hamburg, please let me know!



Thanks so much for meeting with us Siaron, it was a really nice little meet-up and good of you to give up your lunch break for us. Much better to have chatted and left than never chatted at all!

Hi Eckhard, it was great to meet you while we were all coincidentally in town! All the work you did on your Welsh during your holiday was super impressive, and I hope you can find a way to keep it up now you’re back home. There’s always Slack!