Comments on the Six Minute a Day course


We have a thread for Comments on the Six Month course and another for the Deep End course, but we don’t seem to have a place for those of you doing the Six Minute a Day course … so here it is!

How are you finding it? Have you been able to try out your Welsh with family, friends, shopkeepers? Or are you still just getting puzzled looks from your dog?

Let’s hear from you 6 Minuters!


Bendigedig! The cats are becoming bi-lingual :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

To add to the 6 minutes a day-we have face to face group at Chapel starting up tomorrow with a native Welsh speaker…gog or hwntws we do not yet know!


Sounds very exciting! … and I take it that the cats can now give you a look of utter disdain in 2 languages :joy:


Yes, and apparently be insulted by my Dwt ti feckin idjit…Mika ran full-tilt head first into a wall whilst Sioned glanced across at her with great puzzlement :scream_cat:


I’m only on challenge 2 and i can’t talk fast enough to say things in the gaps even when there is only one or two words in the answer.


Then do the ‘p-mash’ - it is a SSiW smash! Ie, hit the pause/tap your device screen. That will help you out until you get used to the pronunciation and location of words. :+1:


I have just been through challenge 2 again and found it a lot easier using the advice on here, using the pause button less then i thought i would and also not swearing this time even once. I will use this page as a comfort blanket in future, I’m sure I’ll need it.
Thank you.


Oh, I can’t say that I won’t swear… But I’ll have to swap to another language for that as you can’t swear in the language of heaven…
You can bookmark the thread in SSiW itself rather than your browser by the way.


@betty-heath Welcome to the forum, Betty! I definitely used the pause button when I first started learning. It was hard to make my mouth form these new sounds and words, and it was a lot less stressful for me to pause. You may discover as time goes on you can fly along without it :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure that somewhere in the old course Iestyn said it was okay to swear at the tutors :wink: :joy:


Oh no. Sgwrs Cymraeg in Melbourne is on Chapel ground…:smiling_imp:


No, no, the SSiW tutors :slight_smile: I told Aran a while ago we need a lesson that teaches us how to swear in Welsh - essential for those of us who don’t live in Wales, because how else are we going to learn? :joy: :wink:


Try the Irish May the cat eat you and the devil eat the cat
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