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Congratulations Martin Green - Second in the Snowdonia Marathon 2018


This has to be one of the most inspiring stories I’ve heard from a SSiW new Welsh speaker!

Martin Green has spent the last 6 months rocketing through Levels 1, 2 and 3 with the goal of being able to speak Welsh in an S4C interview, and the reason he thought he might be interviewed?

He was competing in this year’s Snowdonia Marathon on Saturday and he knew that if he got into the first 3 men he would be interviewed on S4C. He was determined that he would do that interview in Welsh.

So, not only did he turn himself into a Welsh speaker, he achieved his running goal and came in SECOND!

I’m not sure if Martin is here on the forum, but he is in the 6 Minute a Day (old 2YWS) Slack forum, so if people would like to leave their congratulations here, I’ll pop a message there to point him at this thread :smiley:

The S4C programme is available on Clic at and you can see Martin approaching the finish at about 40:12 into the programme. His interview is aired shortly after that.

Fantastic effort on both accounts!


Okay, that’s just ridiculous. You’re making the rest of us look bad, Martin.

Seriously, though, congratulations on both fronts! :partying_face: That was a very fluent interview, and you didn’t like you’d broken a sweat. Amazing!


WOW!!! Amazing on both counts. I only got half way up snowdon on foot and I was blowing like a Billy goat. :sweat_smile:


Gwaith gwych - llongyfarchiadau mawr iawn iawn i ti, Martin! :star: :star2:


Outside Britain I can’t see the program, but congratulations to you for reaching your two goals.:+1::star:


Martin - you are a hero, on so many levels.

And to everyone else - this is where dedication gets you. Choose what you want to do, and how you;re going to do it, and then, just, sort of, do it! What an inspiration!


Well, becoming a Welsh speaker in a few months and winning a marathon (well, second is pretty much like winning to me) at the same time, makes the goal of just learning Welsh sound incredibly light and easy! :grinning:

Amazing! Spettacolare! :clap: :open_mouth:


Yes you can. Take a look one more time. At least I could though.

Big congrats to you Martin on both sides - the Welsh one and the running one! Martins rock obviously! (my son is Martin too!) :slight_smile:


As well as being on the S4C link Dee posted at the top, it’s also available on BBC iPlayer until 9pm on the 2nd December (just in case anyone has problems with the S4C site)


Just watched the Marathon… llongyfarchiadau mawrion mawr Martin ! wedi codi 'nghalon i !


You’re right. It was only problems with Mozilla Firefox, but I could see the clip on Chrome.
Wow amazing. Martin spoke as if he had just finished a walk, not a race. Llongyfarchiadau mawr iawn eto.


Llongyfarchiadau Mawr Martin. You ran a great race and you sounded great too. What an inspiration.


Wow, totally impressive on both counts! Huge, huge congratulations!


Llongyfarchiadau Martin… incredible achievement.


Wow diolch yn fawr iawn I pawb, dwi’n hapus iawn am y geiriau caredig. Dwi’n mwynhau ddysgu Cymraeg am deud rhwybeth yn Cymraeg, dwi isio ddysgu mwy rwan, dewch yn ol Arran Ga I mwy gwers os gwelwch yn dda :grin::grin::grin:


Congratulations/Llongyfarchiadau Martin, on your twin achievements. It was great to watch the highlights of your race and interview.


Dyna dwi’n licio clywed! :star: :star2:


HELO, just a quick message to congratulate Martin on a fantastic run last saturday. I was watching it on sunday night ,and when it said about his goal to be interviewed in welsh after just 6 months i thought was amazing .Watching him and others run in such awesome surroundings made me so proud of being welsh .DA IAWN TI . Bob.


What an inspiration!! I won’t be running up Snowdon but maybe I can manage the speaking Welsh bit too!!


Da iawn ti Martin! I saw those interviews and I had no idea you were a recent learner. Brilliant job with both your running and your Cymraeg!