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Congratulations to the Winners for 2019


Llongyfarchiadau to all the category winners in this year’s Eisteddfod Arlein! The standard was excellent and I know everyone had a very difficult choice, but here are the results:

Photo / Visual Art - Gisella Albertini (Ceffyl Cwrw) - @gisella-albertini

Recitation - Hendrik Robisch (Cath fach ddu) - @Hendrik

Singing Group - The Welsh Dragon Choir of Portland Oregon (Caws Fawr) - @lewie

Prose Beginner - Ruth Connor (Hafren Bont Rhyd) - @ruth-connor

Prose Post-Beginner - Lynne Blanchfield (AberJess) - @JessicaRose

Short Poem - Carol Evans (Pantyfedwen) - @carolevans

Englyn Milwr - Rhiannon Thompson (Cath ddu) - @rhiannon_in_sussex

What’s your opinion? - Margaret Nock (Does Dim Syniad) - @margaretnock

Llongyfarchiadau eto and we’ll be in touch shortly with your winners’ certificates :clap:

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(Seriously, well done to all the winners!)


Congratulations! Well done everybody!


Diolch pawb. I’m really chuffed. With grateful thanks to my 2 year old for the inspiration and my mam @heather-9 for the encouragement.


Llongyfarchiadau i pawb!


llongyfarchiadau pawb


When/where can we read/see the entries?


If you go to the top level of this Eisteddfod Section, you can see all the different categories and entries there and click into each one.


Diolch i bawb sy wedi pleidleisio i fi. Thanks to everyone who voted for me (And my mother and agent and the cat…). However, I want to encourage more people to take part in the Have You Say section. It’s not too difficult to win if you’re the only person who’s entered the competition, and that’s happened to me twice, in different contexts, over the years. We are, after all, the SAY SIW learners, speakers.


Llongyfarchiadau pawb! A diolch i pawb who voted for Dylan Columen! :slight_smile:


Llongyfarchiadau i bawb! Da iawn! :tada:

Congratulations to all the winners! Well done! And well done to everyone who participated!


Diolch i SSIW for my book token which arrived today.:slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face: You can never, I can never have too many books in my life.


Mine has arrived as well. Diolch pawb.
It is my birthday today so your card was put aside until this morning. A doubly lovely surprise :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for the book token!
I hope Welsh publisher will restock the only bookstore I can get books from here. Or maybe better not, so I’ll have a good excuse to come back to Wales sooner! :wink:


My book token also arrived safely, diolch! I don’t think there is a book-shop here in Germany where I can use it, but I’ll be back in Wales sooner or later :slight_smile: