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Cornel Y Siaradwyr Thornbury


The next meet up for coffee at Hawkes House will be on Wednesday May 29th. Usual time, 14:30. Just look for us in the back, or listen out for some Welsh voices!


Another great sgwrs in Hawkes House this afternoon. A couple of new people too, both fluent Welsh speakers. Just 9 of us, (still great), as a few away or otherwise busy. Looking forward to our next meetup on Wed June 26th at 14:30 in Hawkes House.


JUST 9! That’s a great number! I remember the early days of the Cardiff meetups when only 2 of us showed up, so I would celebrate 9 :partying_face:


Well, another great meet up in Thornbury! Twelve of us this time despite one or two ‘regulars’ being unable to make it this time. We welcomed Tony from Cas Gwent, for the first time and all enjoyed the chance to get to know each other more, all in the welcoming and hospitable atmosphere of Hawkes House. We usually get together on the last Wednesday of the month (14:30 in Hawkes House), so next month’s will be on July 31st, just before the Eisteddfod!.


That’s brilliant @PhilgJones! Perhaps a few of our Cardiff SSiWers will have to try and make a visit :slight_smile:


Another well attended meetup in Thornbury yesterday. Thirteen of us in total enjoying the opportunity to chat and enjoy a paned (neu cwrw am Lloyd!). The next meetup is scheduled once again for the last Wednesday of the month which will be 28th August, usual time and place. Hawkes House at 14:30.


In spite of the summer holidays, (which meant that several regular faces were unavailable), there were still nine of us in total, including one new face! (another ‘Mam iaith’ originally from y fro Ardudwy, but resident in Thornbury). A great opportunity for us learners, and also for those first language speakers who rarely get the opportunity to practice their mother tongue with random people. I love it, and the next ‘sgwrs’ will be on September the 25th. Same time, same place.


Oh, I’ve just found this thread, so I’ve likely just missed the September meet. Do you plan one in October? If so, would it be 4th or 5th Wednesday, which is Halloween?


@DizzyDragon We usually stick to the last Wednesday of the month, so that would be Oct 30th which is the day before Halloween. You would be very welcome to come along! I usually send an email reminder a week or two before, so if you come, I shall add you to the list. But it WILL be on the 30th.


Another good meet up (12 of us in total this time). The next one will be Wed Oct 30th at the usual place, Hawkes House at 14:30.

In my email reminder, I used the phrase ‘Sgwrs a phaned’. That caused some interesting discussion regarding the use (or not) of the aspirate mutation, especially in this particular case!


Thanks - I’ve put that in my diary, and will come if I possibly can.


I hope the Oct meetup went well. Any thoughts on the date for the Nov one?


The October meetup was really good. There were 3 new faces,including DizzyDragon who found a like minded knitter and showed us her enormously long ‘Climate Change’ scarf! All in all, there were 15 of us and I anticipate just as many next time - which will be (as usual) on the last Wednesday of the month, i.e. November 27th.


Our November meet up was marked by sadness. One of our group - Lloyd Davies - died unexpectedly very recently. He was a native Welsh speaker and had come to really enjoy coming along to the group and having the opportunity to speak and to share his native language.

We won’t be having a meetup in December so the next one will be on the last Wednesday in January i.e. Jan 29th.


Oh that’s very sad! Condolences to his family and to all of you who came to know him :heart:


Prynhawd da!

Just a quick note to let all SSiW meet-up group organisers and coordinators, know that I have taken responsibility for the weekly email over from Deborah. So if you have any updated information about the group you’re responsible for, please let me know and I’ll ensure the correct info goes in the email. Diolch! :slight_smile:


Next get together is tomorrow! Wednesday 29th Hawkes House 14:30 as usual.


Thank you for confirming Phil! :slight_smile:


It was nice to see old friends at our first meetup ers Nadolig. Twelve of us went along, the clear majority coming from outside Thornbury. We have visitors from Bryste, Cam, CaerGlou, Casgwent, and more as well as us local Thornbury attendees. Next meetup will be on Wednesday the 26th Feb. Same time, same place. Let me know if you would be interested in coming along.


Another lovely get together in Hawkes House with a good turnout of 15! Lots of Hwyl, Chwerthin, Clonc a Coffi. The next one will be same time same place on March 25th. Tan tro nesa.