Cornel Y Siaradwyr Thornbury


This is a new topic following on from our first meetup for Coffi in Thornbury near Bristol.


Our first meetup was held on Coffee#1 in Thornbury this afternoon. Nine of us came along to enjoy a good chat in Welsh over a Paned neu Dishgled! There was a range of abilities with about half being fluent, 2 or 3 rusty raquets, and a couple of learners (me included). A nice mix of North and South Walian too. We even broke out into ‘Calon Lan’ near the end which encouraged a lady who lives in Thornbury, but who hails from Aberteifi to pop over and say hello! Anyway, it’s great to be able to encourage those Welsh speakers to use their language outside of Wales as some of them rarely get the chance to do so otherwise.

Anyway, this was hopefully the first of many, although we’ll probably leave December out and hold our next one in the new year. Watch this space, and if you do happen to be in the area . . .


Superb work - well done all of you!


Great Philg - I went to school in Thornbury (over 50 years ago!) & now live half in Bristol area & half in Caerphilly. I haven’t yet managed to get to Coed Ddu but I’m delighted to have a potential choice of 2 meetups - diolch.


Next one probably won’t be till January, so I shall post the date and time here. Probably a Wednesday afternoon at 14:30. It would be nice to see you!


Oo Keep me posted - 'dw i’n byw yn Wotton!


The next meetup in Thornbury is scheduled for Wed Jan 30th in Hawkes House in the centre of Thornbury. Let me know here if you are interested in coming along, I’m sure it will be good fun!


Thanks, I have to see if I am on school duty first. Let you know nearer the date.